Do You Ever Skip Devotions?

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  1. Clint Lewey says:

    I appreciate the emphasis on having quiet time with God.

    “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” – Psalm 91:1

  2. James Kanis says:

    Really applicable for myself, I’ll remember this when my life gets extremely busy come July!

  3. Martin R says:

    I wonder if you or perhaps someone else could comment on how marriage fits into personal devotions. Should you do devotions individually or together? Obviously the more time spent in bible study the better, but I wonder if it is reasonable to expect both? As ‘one in Christ’ I think doing devotions with my wife is important, but yet it is also true that we both individually have a relationship with God and therefore a case could be made for spending time by ourselves in devotions too. I’d love to hear thoughts from anyone 🙂

    • Garrett says:

      As covenant heads of our homes I believe that it is the mans responsibility to be able to teach and encourage our wife and our children in the Word of God. So I would say that it is very important for the husbands to make sure that they do take time for personal devotions. By doing this we are equipping ourselves to be able to fulfill this part of our duty. This will also gives us time with our God to encourage us in our walk with Him in the work that we do if we have been called to office. Which is not something that we can always share with our wife. When we do joint devotions we are building our marriages so we should not do just one or the other we should strive to do both. As far as wives doing personal devotions, they need their individual time with the Lord as well, for how often do us husbands not understand the challenges that face our wives yet God does, and He can encourage them in their devotional time in a way that we never could.

      • One Christian Dad says:

        Well said Garrett. Martin, I am drafting up a series on what it means to lead your family as the spiritual head of your home in this I will go over the topic of couple and family devotions. Thanks for the comments and for reading!