The Resolution For Men

ImageThis is my first Book Review.  The Resolution for Men
, by Stephen and Alex Kendrick with Randy Alcorn, is “an unapologetic call for men to live courageously for their faith and families. “  The authors claim “…we are just challenging you to do what God is going to hold each of us accountable for doing anyway.”

It is easy to read and yet it is profound. It is easy to comprehend but will take diligence to apply the biblical principles they recommend we as men follow. It is divided into two sections, the first being “A Call to Men” with three parts:

1. Why we need men of resolution.

2. A lifelong vision of fatherhood.

3. Becoming a chain breaker.

Section two is much longer and includes twelve resolutions:

  • Resolve to be a man of responsibility
  • Resolve to lead your family
  • Resolve to love your wife
  • Resolve to bless your children
  • Resolve to live with honor
  • Resolve to fight for justice
  • Resolve to demonstrate love
  • Resolve to provide for your family
  • Resolve to reconcile with your past
  • Resolve to live with integrity
  • Resolve to be found faithful
  • Resolve to leave a legacy

They devote a chapter to each resolution, explaining each resolution very clearly.  In fact they even do it biblically. They also manage to do it without much nonsensical fluff – which I have to admit, surprised me.  Each chapter ends with a challenge, a verse for memorization, and there are discussion questions listed in the appendices.  The book is full of lists such as ‘ten action points for faithfulness’ and ‘ten things that make prayer ineffective’…I love lists 🙂

The Resolution for Men has nine appendices.  They are very practical, discussing topics such as salvation, influences in children’s lives fathers should be aware of, temptations in men’s lives, praying for your family, portions of scripture to memorize with one’s children, and accountability.

I have only one concern with this book: it is still a marketing tool for the movie Courageous. It was written as one, and it is marketed as one. BUT Randy Alcorn’s reformed and calming influence is felt in the book, which was a pleasant surprise to me. He holds the authors to scripture and the book is peppered with scripture and practical application of the scripture.

This book is not a theology book, it is not a book on parenting, it is not a marriage book, it is not going to save you, it is not going to fix your problems, it is not the bible.  What this book is is simply this: a call out to men to live their lives as God has called them to live through scripture.  It does a very good job at that.  Imagine if we all endeavoured to live as God has commanded.

It covers the principal aspects of a man’s life: his relationships with his wife and children, his job and the need to provide for his family, his relationship with God and how he deals with tests and trials, and finally his opportunity to leave a lasting legacy to his children. This book contains a wealth of information and I recommend this book for all Christian men. In fact I am wondering if it would not be good for study material for a men’s group…

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