Too Young to Be An Elder?

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  1. jelillie says:

    This is a very balanced article brother!

  2. cecile says:

    After doing a bit of digging via a commentary, I’m not convinced that overseer/elder refers only to spiritual maturity. From my readings on this…quote “elder is the translation of the Greek word ‘presbutes’, which means ‘an old man.’ Paul used the word presbytery in I Tim 4:14 referring to the eldership of the assembly that ordained Timothy. Elders and bishops (two names for the same office, Titus 1:5,7) were mature people with spiritual wisdom and experience.”

    • One Christian Dad says:

      Hi Cecile, Thanks for your response. I posted a second topic to respond to your response! All the dry stuff I left out of the first article. 🙂 Enjoy.