A Morning Prayer.

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could publicly pray like “that guy?”  You know “that guy” whose prayers seem to soar through the clouds like an eagle? When I was called on to pray at a bible study or a meeting it felt like I was I little baby bird being pushed out of the nest…would I fly?  Or would I fall out of the nest?  I just hoped to land on my feet at the end of it! If you are anything like me you struggle through your public prayers – if you pray in public at all.

In the past I avoided praying in public like the plague, but I have gotten better in the past couple years, with practice, but I do have a secret.  If I know I am going to be praying, or leading a group ( where I will have to pray), I always write out my prayer beforehand.  Sometimes I read it while I lead the prayer, and sometimes I don’t. For myself I find it is good to have all my thoughts contained in a nice neat package so that I don’t stumble over my words, or have that anxiety inducing “blank-out.”

ImageWhen I first began praying in public I simply used the pre-written prayers found in the back of my Church’s “Book of Praise.”  I began changing them to suit certain situations, for instance I would use the evening prayer at meetings, with some modifications to suit the meeting.

I even use the prayers personally sometimes, when I can not get going in prayer, when my mind wanders or when I am sleepy.  I will take the prayer and just change the “we’ to “I” to make it personal.

Here is a Morning Prayer which is also found on my churches website.  I prayed this prayer just yesterday.

Merciful Father, we thank You that in Your great faithfulness You kept watch over us during this past night. Strengthen and guide us by Your Holy Spirit, that we may use this new day and all the days of our life in holiness and righteousness. Grant that we in all our undertakings may always have Your glory foremost in our minds. May we always work in such a manner that we expect all results and fruits of our work from Your generous hand alone.

We ask that You will graciously forgive all our sins according to Your promise, for the sake of the passion and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through Your grace we are heartily sorry for all our transgressions. Illumine our hearts, that we may lay aside all works of darkness and as children of light may walk in the light and live a new life in all godliness.

Bless the proclamation of Your divine Word here and in the mission fields. Strengthen all faithful labourers in Your vineyard.

We pray for those whom You have set over us, that as servants of You, the King of kings and Lord of lords, they may rule according to the calling You give them. Give endurance to all who are persecuted because of their faith and deliver them from their enemies. Destroy all the works of the devil. Comfort the distressed. Show Your mercy and help to all who call upon Your holy Name in sickness and other trials of life. Deal with us and with all Your people according to Your grace in Christ Jesus our Lord, who assured us that You will do whatever we ask in His Name.


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