I Let My Devotions Slip.

This “Monday Men’s” post is going to be lacking.  Sorry for that.  The past two weeks have made me realize how precious and how short time really is. You see,  I have been on evening shift.  I have not seen my girls or my wife very much.  I am so thankful that God has given me this job, but i don’t like the trial that he tacked on to it with the occasional rotation of evening shift!

In last two weeks I have let my devotions slip…not really badly, but I admit that I have not been consistent.  For one week in there I worked 2 jobs, just for some cushion, but in that in that time I also posted a couple blog posts…  and I did read the bible a lot.  I mean whenever I was home I was reading the bible or writing a blog post or researching some doctrine or historical data, or how to be a better father etc.  But I realized something, as I was reading my Bible (ironic how that will happen).  There is a big difference between reading the bible for exegesis/study and simply having personal devotions.  There is a huge difference between theology and knowing God.  This may seem all too obvious, and it certainly does to me! I even sent a message to a friend of mine who recently started seminary about this very thing – but it is so easy a trap to fall into.  So my blog post tonight is short, because I need to simply read and pray. Without studying.  Without exegesis. Without trying to find something to tell you, the reader.  Sorry.  But sometimes I need to do that.  And you know what? Instead of reading my blog or playing on the computer… how about you pick up the bible and just meditate? Try psalm 1 – that is a great place to start.  And I think I will go back to that Psalm tonight as well.

Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, but his delight is in the law of the Lord.

God bless.

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