Truth Without Love = Nothing

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  1. If you can turn your anger into passion, you will express truth with more love.But only so long as your passion is born out of Christ’s passion. He loved us so much He died for us.
    And if in the end people, are reminded of Christ, itt will be worthwhile.

  2. James Kanis says:

    As far as the genesis faction goes (that’s my latest following), I worry, with all the intense emotion around the issue, how deep the factions go.

    Reminds me of Casting Crowns: City on a Hill

    • A good song. I have a belief of the creation issue, that is disparate to the “reformed academic” faction in our churches. Does this mean that I cannot worship with these people? For now, it does not. We will see how far it goes in the future and what will have to be done at that time. Thanks for commenting James…and now I can’t get that song out of my head.