“I Want to be Liberated From the Sexual Liberation”

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  1. Henry says:

    There probably isn’t a more difficult thing to do, than to confide in someone else. Especially in a church in which there is the appearance of complete righteous order, where what occurs in your life, married or single, is of a private nature between God and self. I urge anyone with any addiction to find that one person who they feel comfortable with, to start by having a coffee with them. Get real comfortable, because the travel after truth won’t be so easy for awhile, and better to start with one person than to get to a point where everyone “knows”.
    Because it’s an addiction, it becomes a treat, as if you deserve a little something for your “bad” day, or “good” day. It deadens not only relationships, but it deadens emotion, desire (for real intimacy), and worst of all, it deadens the fact that the sin is even a sin, it’s just something you do for a “break”.
    Hmmm, I now feel “awkward”, as if I’ve said too much, or perhaps not enough to really help. This wasn’t easy.
    Thanks OCD (Hmmm that’s an interesting thing! 🙂 ) for making this blog, the discomfort I’m feeling help me realize the weakness of my flesh, and my strength of my Redeemer.

    • Thanks for your comments Henry,
      IT is so true what you said, especially the part about deadening sin – the more we continue in sin the less sensitive to it we become tot he point that we do not even realize it as sin any more. The bible speaks of God giving us over to these things, and as Christians that should be a wake up call…we should not be given over to any sin! You are welcome, I initially intended this blog for a few close friends and family, but God had other plans for it I guess.
      OCD (not sure if I like that 🙂 )