My Songs Were Played!

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  1. doulanic says:

    I like most of your choices there Ryan! Except Forgiveness. The words are great ….but the music/and the “whining” sound (the wha-a-a-wha-a-a wha-a-a) that accompanies it drives me batty. I actually will switch the station when I hear it now. But the rest – great songs!! Enjoy spending your $25! (spend it wisely!)

    PS – I’m responding on a different post! 🙂

    • LOL I need to go to bed because I am so tired of answering the same question over and over and over….sigh….that this was a wonderful reprieve Thanks! I like the lyrics of Forgiveness not so much the music lol anyway…i will respond to your other one tomorrow…YAWN…gnite

      • Deb H says:

        Nice choices! “Forgiveness” has been a useful song phrase to say over and over to myself…It has helped me. Love it. “Oh Glorious Day!” “Blessed be your Name!” Thanks for the good listen before heading to bed.

  2. Deb H says:

    PS Enjoy the prize! This summer I won a CD bc I was picked as a winner too for a Praise 106.5 game. There’s just something special about winning once in a while.