Birth Control and the Church Part 2

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  1. Mrs. Worling says:

    Thank you, thank you for your research! Your facts are critical and need to get out the general population. I am prayerfully writting an article about where we find ourselves as a nation. It is my belief that birth control is the first ‘heart’ issue our evangelical church needs to come to terms with before the Lord will hear our prayers seeking forgiveness and bless our nation again.

    Fertility, valuing life, submitting to God in the area of fertility – is a critical message and the women of America really need to do some soul searching. But the leadership in our churches need to speak to this issue, encourage life and give families permission to rethink ‘normal’. My husband and I have never used birth control, we have 2 miscarried babies in heaven, 2 children we are raising and I’m adopted – we are sold on the value of life! We learned natural family planning (15 years ago :)) and it has worked very well for us. It gives us the moral freedom to know we have given God the final say in our family.

  2. Garrett says:

    “Next time I will attempt to correlate the philosophical, scientific, societal and cultural events that occurred around the time of the shift that may shed some light on the “why” this drastic change in views happened. “

    what about the biblical

  3. Belinda Carrico says:

    Will there be a part three, four, and five? I would be interested in knowing more on this topic. Thanks for these posts.