Lest We Forget

“I know what that is” proclaimed my 6 year old as she proudly pointed to the poppy on my jacket, “That is a poppy.  And it is so we don’t forget the soldier who died for us.”  I was impressed with this statement, but what followed it blew my mind.  “Dad the poppy is like the cross.” She stated.  “Oh really?!” I responded, thinking I might have to reprimand my 6 year old for her misguided theology (just joking)…Then she said, “Jesus died for us on the cross, and the soldier died for us in Flanders fields.”

If you know me, I am not usually dumbfounded by a 6 year old….yet here in the simple innocence of childhood; my 6 year old saw something many of us miss.  Then I was going to correct her and say that a lot more than one soldier died, but I just kissed her head. Of course there is no comparing what Christ did for us with any act in this life, but my daughter saw the simple fact that one had given his life for another, be it God’s son, or an unnamed soldier.

So while this Sunday I will be in church listening to a sermon when 11am rolls around, and will be focused on the one who gave the greatest sacrifice, I will take a moment this Sunday to remember the men and women who died and their families who suffered so that I can freely sit in Church and listen to that sermon about the greatest sacrifice.

Here is a prayer for Remembrance Day :

O Lord our God,

we have gathered this day

to offer our prayers and petitions

for those who have perished as a result of conflict

and the strife of war.

We pray for those who have given of themselves willingly,

those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

We pray for those who have been victimized,

innocent casualties of hatred and terror.

We pray for those who continue to place themselves in harm’s way

in order that peace and harmony might be achieved.

Hear us, O Lord, as we make our appeal in their memory;

Bless, O Lord our God,

those who have fought and valiantly died

that we might enjoy liberty and freedom.

May their sacrifice not be in vain.

Bless, O Lord our God, those who have perished while engaged

in the task of Peacekeeping.

May their sacrifice not be in vain.

Bless, O Lord our God,

the innocent victims of war,

those who have suffered

as a result of conflict and strife.

Bless, O Lord our God,

those who continue to train and prepare themselves

for active duty and missions.

May the sacrifices they make not be in vain.

May your blessing, O Lord, be upon them.

All this we pray, and all this we ask,

in your Holy Name, O Lord, Amen.



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  1. “Let the children come unto me for such is the kingdom of Heaven”…Your 6 year old’s comment was beautiful. A further explanation at his age I don’t think was necessary as you thought…Diane