Putting Fetal Rights Back on the Agenda


I am passionate about the pro-life cause (I am passionate about lots of things 🙂 )  While I do my part, this battle to get fetal rights back in the political arena is being waged far more fiercely by  a friend of mine, Mike Schouten, who is the director of WeneedaLAW.ca.  Recently  Maclean’s magazine published an article on the “revival” in Canada’s pro-life movement, which Mike, has more than just a little to do with. “The Right Words” is written by Charlie Gillis and takes an objective look at recent movements to place the rights of the pre-born back in the public forum.

Happy Birthday Mike!

Here is a link to the article:

The Right Words

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  1. Mike Schouten says:

    Thanks Ryan! This is definitely a grassroots effort and it’s incredibly encouraging to work alongside so many Canadians who want to change the status quo!