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I was not shocked this morning when I opened the blog and my stat tracker showed that less than 100 people had visited the site in the past 3 days since Christmas. I have not even looked at it so why would you? This is the first year of the blog, so I thought I would look at the posts which brought the most traffic to the site. Most of the posts that made this list were written in the past couple of months, partly because the readership grows daily.

Here are the top 10 traffic generating posts of the year with links if you wish to read them. My favorite is not on the list. Tomorrow I will post my personal top ten favorite posts. The ones that had a positive impact on someone’s faith life are the one’s that mean the most to me, and those ones, for the most part, are not on this list.

Please leave a comment about which post was your favorite. I would love to know – even if it is not on the list.

#10 Where is Your God Now? My response to the Sandy Hook Shooting.

#9 Gods Not Dead, But What About Contemporary Christian Music This is one of the older ones that made the list.

#8 Women’s Voting Rights in the CanRC Another Controversial topic. I tried to take a biblically diplomatic stand on this one.

#7 Chicken, Sexuality and Forgiveness This article talks about homosexuality in the Church.

#6 The Churches One Foundation & JCS This one surprised me that it made the top ten. I wrote this after I was appointed to the JCS membership committee about the positive aspects of Reformed Christian Education.

#5 Birth Control and the Church This is part one in a series on the History of Birth Control in the Church.

#4 What Are Your Thoughts on Christian Men Having a Vasectomy? Once again, controversy sells. I received over 100 emails and almost 90% basically told me I was wrong. This article led me to research the history of birth control use in the Church which led to a series on the same topic.

#3 Facebook and The Ten Commandments. This article takes a look at the social media networking site Facebook from the view of each commandment. One reader emailed me, “I had no idea that I had broken every single one [commandment] with Facebook…” So please read at your own risk!

#2 Is the CRC a Liberal Church? Controversy sells. This article offended a number of my readers, since a number of them are from the CRC. So if this is your first time reading this, please know that I have in no way intended to attack your church. I am simply presenting facts (and I “attack” my own church as well in other articles by presenting facts). In this article I respond to a couple members of my own congregation who are contemplating the greener grass of a different church. I never expected the wide array of responses to this article. In this article I present the controversies in the CRC and then I tell my readers to stop focusing on other churches.

#1 I am Passionate and Frustrated. This post was my most impassioned and was by far the most read post of the year. In this post I question the federation of churches I belong to, the Canadian and American Reformed Churches, on a Synodical decision from 1984. This decision, while intending to be God glorifying, subtly changed the mandate of the elders of each church and led to an inward focus and almost sectarian outlook. In other words: It backfired.

The next ten:
#11 A Rant About Guns, Sin, Victoria Soto and a Prayer
#12 Vaectomy Part 2: Worms and Romans
#13 Do You Know Your Wife or Will You Be Left Humming the Cheeseburger Song?
#14 Abraham Lincoln and a Bit About Abortion.
#15 Skipping Church and the Path to Destruction
#16 How To Prevent Divorce
#17 My Boyfriend Wants to Make Out.
#18 Too Young to Be an Elder.
#19 Celebration and Encouragement of a New Pastor.
#20 Don’t Waste Your Cancer.

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  1. No Name says:

    “I Want to Be Liberated From the Sexual Liberation.” It helpedme to seek my minister’s help with my addiction to porn. now I have an accountability group now and have been sober for 73 days. As a dad and husbnad, Thank you for all your writings. My wife thanks you to. keep itup

    • I am so happy that you are on the path to recovery from your addiction. 73 days is awesome. When we finally realize that we are not alone in our struggles and addictions, when we finally reach out, we find that there is help and there are others out there just like us. Most of us need help to overcome these things. Enjoy being free from your guilt and shame of living in an all consuming, sinful addiction. Enjoy having a pure a relationship with your wife. Bask in the forgiveness, grace and love of Jesus, and give the glory to God!

  2. Julie says:

    My favorite was Ensure Your Arrows Will Fly Straight