Thursday Tidbits

Today’s tidbits are 3 fantastic articles I read over breakfast: Yes I had a fruit smoothie.



The Christian Introvert
Tim Challies wrote an article that spoke to me, since I am an Introvert.

There is no doubt that I am an introvert. If we place introversion and extroversion on opposite sides of a line and say that each one of us falls somewhere between the two extremes, I would be pretty far from center along the introvert side of the scale. I may not be as far along as some people, and I still enjoy some exposure to crowds of people, but at heart I gain energy and perspective in solitude and then expend it in a crowd. My default reaction to a crowd is to run away to find a place of quiet. I love and enjoy people, but do better with small groups than large ones. Even after several years of public speaking, it still takes a lot of effort and self-denial to stand in front of a crowd. I walk to the front of a room slowly and, when finished, sprint to the back.

Read the entire article Here.

Things People Should Never Say They Never Heard at Your Church

Today, Kevin Deyoung goes over a list of things people should never hear at your church. He starts off by saying:

“I cringe every time I hear the testimony of a Christian who grew up in the church and only later came to understand some fundamental article of the faith. Granted, some things are hard to understand. We have to drink milk before we get to meat. I’m not chagrined about the folks who never learned the word propitiation or never knew the difference between Christ’s active and passive obedience. Those are incredibly important concepts and we ought to teach them from the ground up. But I’m talking about the basics, about the things that every Christian should know backwards and forward, the things we should hear in church all the time.”

Read the entire article Here.

Street Preaching

William VanDoodewaard has written a very interesting article which he links to a street preacher in North Caorlina on New Years eve.  He states:

It made me wonder… For all the conferences and coalitions, for all the togetherness around the gospel there is in evangelical and Reformed communities, what would the vitality of the church be like, how much more would God be glorified in the West and around the world, if we grew in simply taking up or purposely creating opportunities to speak the Word of God to friends, neighbors, and communities? What if we simply spoke the truth, each according to our ability, because we loved God so much and really loved our neighbors as ourselves?

See the whole article and the video Here.

Verse of the Day

John 15:5 ~ I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

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