A Fellow Blogger Gave Me the Bird.

I opened my email and found that I had been sent an anonymous award for my blog.  The “middle finger award”.  The award is a picture of the “gesture” with the caption, “A Fellow Blogger Gave Me the Bird.”  I am unsure if someone really is “flipping me the bird” or if they were being funny.  Since they remained anonymous I can assume that someone did not agree with something I wrote on my blog. I have had nasty emails, and people sometimes disagree with me, but I ain’t not never got an award like this before.  Oh well…. Thank you for the award. Soli Deo Gloria.

When I think about it, I certainly could have offended any number of people from Evangelicals to Roman Catholics, from Abortion Rights Activists to Same Sex Marriage Advocates, from right wing to left wing…and everyone in between.  I am sure that some people have thought of sending me a “shut up” award.  My wife often gives me the Rolling Eyes Award. I digress… I try to adhere to biblical principals when I blog, but the gospel can be offensive and appear as foolishness to those who do not believe.  I also know other people who try to blog according to sound doctrine as well.

Titus 2 says:

But as for you, teach what accords with sound doctrine. (ESV)

So with that in mind I am instituting the Titus 2:1 award for those who “blog” what accords with sound doctrine.  There is nothing fancy at all about this award.  There will be no ceremony, no obscene gestures, no pomp and circumstance; this is just my way of saying thank you to all of the bloggers who desire to spread the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Titus 2:1 Award for Doctrinally sound blogging.  And no I am not awarding it to myself…that would be extremely narcissistic.


Yes it is simple and not much to look at. That is the point.  It is not supposed to be anything fancy.  I mean it only took me 3 minutes to make it. This is simply my way of showing appreciation for those bloggers who consistently spread the true gospel of Jesus Christ and are consistently sound in doctrine in their blogging.  For the readers, if you know someone who has a doctrinally sound blog, feel free to take part by awarding this to them. Let them know that you are awarding it to them and give them the following:


Anyone who will accept the award is requested to do the following on their blog:
1. Display the “award” on a blog post and thank the person who awarded it to you.
2. Answer the following questions in the blog post:
     a. If you could have dinner with any historical theologian/preacher, who would it be and why?
     b. What 1 burning question would you ask?
     c. What would you eat?
     d.  What was the last Bible verse you read?
3. Now you must nominate at least one more blogger for the award – preferably more but we all know how few and far between the doctrinally sound blogs are :).

Here are 5 doctrinally sound (at least from what I have read so far!) blogs that I enjoy – more to come later. I hope you will enjoy them as well.






Thank you to whoever sent me the middle finger award.  It helped me to show appreciation for other bloggers.  🙂

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  1. Heidi says:

    http://cjts3rs.wordpress.com/ Here’s another blog I think you will enjoy.

  2. Calvin Vanderlinde says:

    Hi Ryan. Newcomer to your blog. Just want to say, that was the most gracious way I’ve ever seen anyone respond to getting the bird. Blessings, Calvin

    • Hi Calvin, thanks for reading. I hope that you can make some sense of my jumbled thoughts 😉 I used to have a temper – seriously – it was bad. Thankfully in my sanctification our faithful God has removed that particular thorn from me. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. That’s funny about you getting the middle finger award. You must be doing something right! lol

    Thanks for nominating me! 🙂

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