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  1. Thea H says:

    I’ve had, off and on, three years of terrible temptation. It started the week my husband passed away. It is very hard to resist, and I have sought my couch with tears many, many times.I have forgotten to turn to Him, and only in my lowest despair do I remember and finally beseech Him to help me. It’s slowly getting better. I no longer feel He is to blame for my sorrows, and I can rejoice that He is every faithful and forgives me each time I fall prey to the temptation to hate Him and my neighbour. It’s a hard fought battle, but one which is sweet to conquer, if we ever do, completely.

  2. jelillie says:

    This is a powerful testimony and devotion. One of the things that helps me stand through temptations is looking beyond to the power that is released by overcoming them. It was after his temptation in the wilderness that Jesus began to minister in power. We too are strengthened in the Spirit’s power when we walk holy before the Lord in the presence of temptation.

  3. Hi Ryan,

    This post brought to mind a quote I came across from a “Puritan Quotations” book:

    “To this we must say that He who promised forgiveness to them that repent has not promised repentance to them that sin.” – Ralph Venning

    God will graciously forgive through Christ any sin that we’ve committed, even sins that we commit thinking, “Oh this is fine; I will just ask for forgiveness later.” But what that quote brings out is the very real danger that comes from willingly committing sin; you may come to the point where you love your sin more than you love the Lord, and you may refuse to repent. Repentance itself is a gift from God, and it should never be taken for granted.

    For myself, this quote has instilled in me a healthy fear of sin’s dark power. It has been a helpful weapon in all manner of temptations. Sin never rests, and even the smallest one desires to grow and corrode our new hearts. It’s best to put up a fight in the first trench, not the last. Encouraging one another in our struggles against sin, as you have done here, is also an excellent help in our weak moments. Being open with each other keeps our hearts soft and sensitive to the will of Christ (Hebrews 3:12-14). Thank you for sharing this.

    Jeremy de Haan

    • Hi Jeremy,
      That is a great quote. Thank you for sharing.
      I have been there, and I am sure we all have, where we think, as you say, “Oh this is fine; I will just ask for forgiveness later.” The apostle Paul addresses this when he asks if we should go on sinning so that grace may abound. God is gracious, but (again as you say) it is best to fight in the first trench rather than the last. I firmly believe that we must be open with other believers, honest about our struggles and seek help, encouragement and prayer from our brethren when we are under temptaion and struggles…and likewise we should be open to supporting them in love, acting as hands and feet to each other. As we all know.. Iron sharpens Iron…

      Thanks for the comment!