Please Pray for Ruth and Naomi’s

ruth_and_naomi_logo_landing_pageI let my emotions take over. I was agitated when I wrote this post initially, and instead of praying and seeking God as I should have… I wrote a blog a post and posted it in anger – not love.  I was called to the floor on it and have rewritten it.  I apologize to all the readers and anyone who may have been hurt by what I wrote.  Here is a modified version that better represents the love that Christ demands of us.

This evening was very disappointing for me. I attended a meeting regarding a restructuring of Ruth and Naomi’s Mission in Chilliwack.  Essentially it was about how Ruth and Naomi’s is going to streamline operations.  How? By cutting out seconds, the pay grill, the coffee and juice etc. Oh yeah and by cutting out the devotions and Q&A session at the end. They claim that they will have “devotions” for 10 minutes before dinner, but there will be no questions and no answers.  There will be no “one on one” until after dinner.

As the home mission committee of the Chilliwack CanRC we have allocated a specific amount of money to feed people food at Ruth and Naomi’s, our church also takes offerings for Ruth and Naomi’s – because we evangelise there, because it is seen as Christ’s work.  Personally, I do not go to feed the people in body, although this is very important, I go to share the gospel.  I talk with people, I answer questions, I pray with people, and not just me, but many others do as well.  For the gospel of Jesus is our passion, He is our love and we cannot remain silent when others need to hear it.  Yes, feeding the needy is very important, but the gospel is far more important.  Satan is pleased when we feed the needy, and do not mention Christ.  Satan is pleased when we build houses in Mexico for poor families and make not a peep about our radical depravity and God’s radical means of restoration.  Satan is pleased when we volunteer at Ruth and Naomis, and do not share the gospel message.

Satan lost the war when Jesus died on the cross and rose again, but that has not stopped him from trying to keep the world from hearing the gospel message that undoes his kingdom of darkness. Paul speaks of this battle in Ephesians 6, pointing us to the  armour we need to defeat Satan the gospel, Christ and his righteousness, faith, and salvation.    Pray with me won’t you?  Pray that Jesus would be central.  Pray that the gospel would not be removed from Ruth and Naomi’s Mission.  And if you feel so compelled please write a letter to the board of Ruth and Naomi’s.

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  1. cecile says:

    Ryan, would you be able to give some details as to whom the letter should be passed on to?