Praise You in this Storm

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  1. Shawn says:

    Amen. If Job can rejoice considering his circumstances because of his faith (given by God’s grace), then we should too. I really appreciate this post, I love your care and compassion for your friends, and your prayerfulness and I just want to encourage you to keep this blog going – its great! P.S. – this song is the best, its been one of my favorites for a long time now.

    • I appreciate that Shawn. It was nice to finally meet you. Too bad the conference was not longer so we could actually talk a little bit…The last workshop touched on what I have been feeling lately – burnout. Hence the reason why this month has my fewest posts to date…but I will continue.

  2. rachel slootweg says:

    I often think this too….its so easy to praise God when everything goes well in life. Once a trial comes our view tends to change so quickly.

    • Very true Rachel, but in those times we need to rely on him for our comfort and strength even in dark times.

    • cecile says:

      Rachel, if our relationship with the Lord is deep, I’m not sure if our view on praising God changes….we just praise Him through our tears, knowing that He is the eternal God and this life is just a passing through to one of eternal joy. Even ‘our praising Him’ is a gift from God.