The Port Mann Bridge and Prayer.

Quiet time.  Prayer.  Devotions.  Who has time for that? Smart phones, Bible apps, smart cars, 500 TV channels, extreme speed internet, video on demand, PVR’s, 50-60+ hour work weeks, …the world is so fast paced and it is growing so quickly.  Progress they call it.  We sit in traffic for 4 hours per day to work for 8.  We buy huge homes we can’t afford, drive the best cars, build the biggest bridges.  But we don’t take 15 minutes to read our bibles.

Just take a look at these pictures of the Port Mann Bridge. This one is from 1966.  The original Port Mann Bridge juts out of the landscape like a surreal steal and concrete rainbow bursting forth out of a rain forest.

Port Mann 1966

This one is from 2013.  You can still make out the original bridge behind the new, bigger, better bridge, but gone is the rain forest.

Port Mann 2013

All in the name of progress.  And what does God say about all this?  Well, he told us to subdue the earth in Genesis.  And we are doing that…we certainly are doing that.  We live busy lives, and these pictures show how much life has changed here in BC over the past 50 years.  Gone is the rain forest and in it’s place stands a concrete jungle.  Do you make time in your busy schedule for the Lord?  Do you wait on him?  Join me won’t you?  Set aside 15 minutes per day this week to simply wait on the Lord.  Read the Bible and pray in solitude.  Seek the lord. Wait on him.  Wait on the Lord?  We get impatient at red lights!  But we are told…

“The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul who seeks Him. It is good that one should hope and wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.” (Lamentations 3:25-26)

Even though I make time for personal quiet time, this hits home for me as a few of the men from my congregation,  including myself,  are attempting to put together a men’s prayer group that will meet once per week.  It is so hard to set a time that works for all of us, since we are all so busy, and many of the days are so full…but the Lord says it is good for us to wait on him.  It is good for us to join together in prayer as brothers in Christ.  So we’ll set it up and perhaps all of us will go each time, perhaps not. But it is time to stop delaying.   Let us wait on the lord, in solitude and in communion.

Join me won’t you?

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