Blessings of St. Patrick’s Day Upon You

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It is Saint Patrick’s Day.  This time of year everyone claims to have some Irish in them. They dress in green and drink Guinness,  Smithwick’s or Harp… (or if they can’t stomach good Irish stouts, ales and lagers – they put green food colouring in their Budweiser and speak like the lucky charms leprechaun. )  But I really am Irish…at least most of my blood is.  This time of year I think back to my heritage. Yes I live a Dutch-Canadian world, I am in a reformed church that is by and large an ethnic Dutch subculture…but I am not Dutch.  I am mostly of Irish and Norwegian heritage ( at least we think).  Anyway, if you are interested in knowing who St. Patrick is, here is a well written article on Desiring God about Saint Patrick.  Saint Patrick’s Day was not originally about lifting Lenten restrictions on drinking, but bringing God’s grace to a pagan nation…It is well worth the read.


Here are 2 of my favorite Traditional Irish Hymns.  The first is entitled Mo GhrásaMo Dhia (My Savior You Are My God) and is sung in Gaelic by Irish singer Aoife Ní Fhearraigh.  I posted both the Gaelic lyrics and english translation below the videos.

The second hymn is the familiar Be Thou My Vision, sung in english by Selah. It was written in Ireland in the 8th century.  Please enjoy a part of my heritage and be Irish for day.

Beannachtai  Na Feile Padraig Oraibh! (Blessings of St. Patrick’s Day upon you)

Oh and don’t forget to wear green.


Ailelú, ailelú
Ailelú mo Shlánaitheoir
‘S Tú mo Dhia, ‘s mé do ghiolla
Ailelú mo chroí go deo

Mo ghrá-sa, mo Dhia, mo ghárda, mo liaigh
Mo ghrá geal, mo Thiarna
Mo ghrá, mo Chríost, mo ghrá, mo chroí
Mo ghrá ar fad thú a Rí na glóire


Mo ghrá-sa go h-úird, naomhtha id chúirt
Mo ghrá-sa do chroí is do cló geal
Mo ghrá-sa do thread, is fada do shead
Mo ghrá, mo shoilse, mo neart, mo Rí


‘S Tú mo Dhia, ‘s mé do ghiolla
Ailelú mo chroí go deo

English Translation:

Halleluia, halleluia
Halleluia, my Savior
You are my God, I am your servant
Halleluia my heart forever

My love, my God, my guardian, my rock
My fair love, my Lord
My love, my christ, my love, my heart
My love in full, You, my glorious King


My love __, holy in your court
My love, your heart and your fair appearance
My love, your flock, long is your path
My love, my light, my strength, my king


You are my God, I am your servant
Halleluia my heart forever

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