A Sinner’s Prayer

man-praying-on-one-knee11We hear often about the “sinner’s prayer.”    Regardless of what you feel about that prayer…Here is the prayer of a sinner who writes under the name of One Christian Dad.  I am a sinner and this is my prayer.  Feel free to pray it with me and change it as you need to.

Father, you are holy, and I am a sinner. I am prone to wander, I can feel it.  I am prone to leave you, the God I love. Father, I am not at all worthy to stand before your holy throne.  Yet, you in your great mercy have made a way for me to stand before you.  That way is your son, the holy one, Jesus Christ.  Through his blood that was spilt for me on that cursed tree I can now stand before your throne.  Your punishment was spent on him, as he suffered unjustly in my place.  Thank you, Father, for this amazing gift.  I confess my sins to you, I call them by name, I claim them, for they are mine and I grieve that I have offended you. I admit that in my weakness I break every command you have set before me.  I love you, but only because you first loved me, yet even though I love you, I still fail miserably.  I am a wretched sinner.  Daily. Hourly.  Every minute I sin against you.  Forgive me Father, I am sorry.  Thank you for my salvation…  for your salvation…for the grace that is not due me.

Thank you also for the blessings of the day.  For the job I have and the opportunity I have to serve you in your church. Thank you also for guiding me this day.  For keeping your hand on my life.  Thank you for blessing me with a family who loves me, a beautiful wife, and two gorgeous girls.  Grant that I may be a blessing to them by your strength.  Grant that I would lead them to the cross of your son, Jesus Christ.  Have mercy on me and hear my plea. Create in me a clean heart by your holy spirit. Convert my children to your ways, may they grow up knowing you as the only true God.  You are faithful God, faithful to your covenant promises, grant that my children would grow in the knowledge of you, and your promises.  Grant that they would know you more than I do; grant that they would be known by you and your son, Jesus Christ. Lead my wife; keep her in your arms.  Comfort her when I fail to.  Grant her peace even when I cause her strife.  And grant me the grace to see when I cause it, and the ability to repent to her. Send your holy spirit upon my family that they may grow in grace.  Grant your holy spirit more and more to me as well, I need you more than I know.  Remove my unbelief, make me holy.  Sanctify me more and more to be more and more conformed to your will.  Grant that I would walk not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of scoffers.  Grant that I would delight in your law, and meditate on it day and night! I am a fool for not doing that. Bless my family.  Bless those who grieve and are coping with loss.  Grant them your comfort.  Grant them to know the only way of peace.  Father, please humble me.  Father, please strip me bear.  Refine me in your fire.  Grant me to live a life of thankfulness, of holiness, to your glory and the upbuilding of your church.  Father, I ask this not because I am praiseworthy, but because you have told me to ask.  Not because I think I am worth anything.  I ask because Jesus spent his blood upon the tree and died for the likes of me.  I ask this in the name of your son, my lord, my saviour, my king, Jesus the Christ.


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  1. Ink says:

    Thank you. You write prayers the way you pray them.