The CanRC Creation Debate Timeline

If you are in the Canadian Reformed Churches, you are likely aware of the Creation debate that has heated up. The issue at stake is whether the Creation account in Genesis is to be taken literally or allegorically. Those who are “old earth creationist” (OEC) view the Genesis Creation account as symbolic.  Those who are “young earth creationist” (YEC) read it as literal.  Since many have asked me where to find the other articles,  I have taken the liberty of compiling the articles I have read here in the order that they appeared. Please note that there has been far more happening behind the scenes, but this is what is readily available online for all too see.

  1. Position Statement on Creation and Evolution. Of particular note is Rev. Wes Bredenhof’s Position Statement on Creation and Evolution.  In this article he outlines the issues he has with what certain individuals are teaching and what he believes scripture teaches.
  2. Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing?…In response to Rev. Bredenhof’s position statement, Reformed Academic writes an article defending what they are doing entitled Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing?…
  3. Before We Engage After reading the Reformed Academic article, I weighed in due to the fact that Rev. Bredenhof was publicly declared to be sinning against the 6th and 9th commandment.  Obviously the implications are huge, if a pastor is in fact breaking the law of God publicly.  So I wrote this article but it blew up in face, so to speak.
  4. Creation, Science, Faith, Truth. Reverend Jim Witteveen, fearing that some would  swayed by what some are teaching, wrote this article.
  5. Protecting Adam. Dr. John Byl came to Rev. Bredenhof’s defense, and the defense of a historical Adam with his article.
  6. Adam and Eve and Me After much correspondence with many people on both sides of the debate, and much prayer, I decided that it was time to make my stance known and why I hold to a YEC/literal Creation account with this article.
  7. Reverend Jim Witteveen also weighed in with several articles responding to the Reformed Academic teachings as follows:
  8. Response #1 deals specifically with RA’s use of the heliocentric/geocentric issue of the historic church;
  9. Response #2  deals with ‘procedural’ issues in creation, not with the issue of creation and evolution as such.
  10. Response #3i deals with the “plain reading of Genesis 2:7”
  11. Response #3ii deals with Psalm 103:14
  12. Response #3iii deals with the issue of the phrase ” dust of the ground” – 1 Kings 16:1,2; Job 10:9; Job 34:14,15; Psalm 90:2,3

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  1. Garrett says:

    Hey Ryan, Having come out of the CanRef to a more “conservative” church, and having friends and family still in the CanRef it is very scary to see that there are some are calling into question the authority and inerrancy of scripture. It is my prayer that those who are holding fast to the Word of God may have the strength to fight the good fight and that those that are seemingly holding fast to science may see the error of their path. For those confused by this debate or looking for added support to the literal creation as revealed to us in scripture check out the Answers in Genesis website there is a lot of articles there in regards to this debate.