Christ is Glorified in the Death of Tim Bosma

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  1. Enid Luiten says:

    In death, Tim has reached more people with the message of the gospel than he possibly would have in life. May the Lord comfort and bring his peace to the Bosma family.

  2. Finally One says:

    Very much enjoyed reading your blog. I have been so impressed with how Christ’s name has been spoken in the midst of this tragedy and how the family, while they may have questions, have chosen to call evil what it is and not blame God for the actions of evil. Here’s a link to my blog on this story if you want to check it out:

  3. Tim and his family have been on the hearts and minds of so many. I hoped upon hope that he might be found alive but deep down I really knew he wouldn’t…

    Aside from this tragic story…the song you put on this blog was meant to be heard by me tonight as my heart is breaking ….not from anything such as this family has endured but something that is family related and there just seems to be no answer right now..but I have to stand on ‘Jesus’ and His love for me and that He sees the tears of the brokenhearted and will heal the hurts and misunderstandings….Diane

    • Diane, I am glad this hymn gives you hope! It is true, our hope is in Christ alone! When I sing “in Christ alone I stand” I think of HIM standing and me falling in his arms. There is no strength in us to stand except for his strength, “he is the one who stands in victory”…so simply fall on him. Let him carry you and your burdens and cares…Matthew 11:30. Here in the power of Christ we’ll stand. God bless you Diane