Have You Prayed About it? (As Much As You’ve Talked About It?)

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  1. Harry Moes says:

    Well said, it is the appropriate perspective and encouragment that I need.
    Harry Moes

  2. cecile says:

    I Cor. 10:12 came to mind – if we gossip, perhaps it is to elevate ourselves? We ALL live under God’s grace. Praying for those hurting and letting them know you are praying (without prying for details), making a meal, bringing some baking….anything but talking about them. Thanks for your reminder to show mercy.

    • Cecile, thank you for your comment, in my experience it was usually to elevate myself in my own mind. Let’s pray that our Faithful Lord would remind us that we are all sinful, and that we are only worth anything in him, apart from him we are nothing! That should give us good perspective when we think about gossiping!

  3. A good word brother. If we are not part of the solution we must never be part of the conversation.

  4. Great advice Ryan and so True, our warnings , correction of error or rebuke must be in Love and for Love. When I fell into sin but not away years ago, I was rebuked by some dear Christian friends, to be sure I was not impressed but when I came to my senses I thanked them from my heart because they cared enough to risk my rejection and I now know when they say they Love me it is True not just platitudes.

    Thank you Ryan, I’m enjoying getting to know you.

    Christian Love – Anne.