Secular Songs: My Daughter’s Father

I had an interesting question posed to me:

What songs do you like?  I know you like Psalms and Hymns and spiritual songs, but what secular songs do you like, if you like any?

I don’t listen to much secular music anymore.  But there are some songs I do listen to. Obviously there are a number of songs that I do not listen to for outright blasphemy, and other reasons…but I do have a number of secular songs that I enjoy listening to.  I enjoy much of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, U2, and Brad Paisley, among others.

The song that immediately comes to mind with this question is “My Father’s Daughter” by Gord Bamford.


“Who is that?”

“Never heard of Him…”

The song is not that well known as Gord Bamford is a Canadian Country music artist like Paul Brandt (whom I also enjoy.) and he does not have a very large international audience.

The song reiterates the importance of being a father to his daughter.  Sometimes us fathers tend to try too hard.  Sometimes we are not home when we should be.  Our kids don’t need the perfect provider, the perfect tradesman, the perfect accountant….sometimes they just need Daddy to be Daddy.

On this blog, and in life, I tend to focus on a married man’s primary calling to be a husband and father, and this song fits that mold quite well.   No it is not a Christian song, and yes it lacks in that measure, but it still has a message that is good, that I think most fathers can relate too.

I hope you enjoy it.

And yes that is his daughter in the video.

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  1. Alfred says:

    George Canyon – “Who would you be”