Does Reformed Theology Cause Neglect of the Great Commission?

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  1. JS Park says:

    I agree with your assessment. But if we strip all that down, Reformed Theology is always defending itself against the claim, because most of its adherents (like myself) subconsciously find an escape clause out of the Great Commission. Give someone even the slightest reason not to follow through, and they won’t.
    I think any theology can cause a neglect of anything, mostly because of our inaction, not necessarily from the theology itself.

    • Hi Joon,

      I too have been guilty of thinking that God gets what he wants, so if I don’t say anything here…to these angry looking biker dudes…God still gets what He wants…right? But as you say that is not a flaw of the theology, or of the bible, but of man. We are inherently selfish and sinful always looking for a way out. Thanks for the comment brother!

  2. cecile says:

    Thankfulness for the grace of God in our lives should prompt us to eagerly share the gospel. So why is it then that we are often so timid (myself included)?

    • Hi cecile,
      I understand completely. When I think of passages like Romans 5, where I read that Christ died while we were yet sinners, I get fired up so to speak, but then that fire seems to dissipate when I have opportunity to present it to an unbeliever. We should pray for boldness in Christ, for he is our strength.

  3. The Reformed teachers of past and present have well clarified that we preach the Word precisely because He is sovereign. Only He can make the bones live – by the Living Word. And they must hear to believe.