Though He Slay Me, I Will Hope In Him.

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  1. Helen VandenHaak says:

    Thank you. Our family, too, is being sanctified through my being afflicted with cancer. Your post is what I needed to read and hear this morning! He carries me. He cries with me. He cries with us. He carries us. Keep up the good work!

  2. bcdehaas says:

    Love this song! this message was very meaningful for me, and I will reread when I am struggling. Thanks for posting!

  3. I feel for you. I almost lost my father to cancer as well. It was a devastating experience. I pray for your peace.

    I wanted to ask for more perspective on what you said about “Suffering will work to conform us to the image of Christ.” Could you share more about this? My understanding is that suffering is from the enemy, but represents an opportunity to work for good, IF we respond in faith. So it’s not suffering that’s “good”, but good can come from it. For example, if we crumble in our suffering, lacking faith, and sinking into depression, I don’t think God is glorified in that. But if we respond in faith, He is glorified, we are blessed through our faith, and our faith is strengthened.

    Would love your thoughts.