A Conundrum Involving a Church Nursery

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  1. Have you considered just adding a room or two to the main church building? The cost does seem to be more than the use How many times has the church met together to pray for a solution?

  2. Joyce says:

    Can you put an addition on the current church building and upgrade that building instead, doing away with the outbuilding altogether?

  3. Albert Rolleman says:

    sell and buy new property or us portable buildings that can later be sold

  4. Rebecca says:

    Adding an addition to the current building, or converting a meeting room/classroom (or two) into a nursery seems like the obvious answer here to me. But maybe I’m oversimplifying. Our church is about the same size, with a paid off property as well, and we have plenty of extra rooms that could function as a nursery.

    Spending $400,000 on something like is completely obscene in my opinion, and a squandering of God’s gifts. I mean that as politely as possible. 🙂

  5. Anonymous Mother says:

    I agree it makes way more sense to fully utilize the main building rather than spend an obscene amount of money to upgrade an outbuilding. What if the outbuilding was converted to meeting rooms (including consistory meeting room) and library, and the nursery was moved to downstairs of the main building? The existing space of the library and consistory room should be sufficient for the nursery. And to argue that the consistory members would then have to walk across the parking lot twice a Sunday in possible rain/snow conditions is weak, as all the mothers have to do it to drop off/pick up their little ones.

  6. Concerned Parent says:

    Why are the children kept away from the main building? Is there security at this out building? The nursery should be in the main building. Tear the old building down and put up portables if they need offices.

  7. John V says:

    As the women said…that is obscene. I hope this is a fictional church? Buy some portables and send the rest of the money to the CRWRF for the Philippines where the homeless orphan children have to sleep with rats everyday.

  8. From Karen: Sorry, could not figure out how to post on your blog.The need for something to be done is not in question. However, the proposal to get a loan to pay for it is a huge problem! As any other mortgage, the cost can double by the time you pay interest! Would you want to pay $800,000 for the renovation? Not me! I say, get the money first then build. Cash minus tax deductions for donations bring the money-out-of pocket to $257,000. Also, it is much harder to get people to donate to pay off debt than to raise money for a new/exciting project.

  9. Confused Parent says:

    WHy do we have to upgrade to a daycare code? Seriously it is used a few hours a week not like it needs sprinklers and stuff. DO a simple renovation of floors and new doors walls and stuff. Move the kids to the basement of teh main building and move the library and consistry room to the out building or keep it as is. The buidling is not that bad anyway, once it is fixed up a bit it will be fine for the nursery. 400000 doallars is way too much, this is God’s money,

  10. kevin says:

    I’d say it’s time to move, looks like your congregation may need room to expand (or split into two congregations) within ten years. I’d imagine the parking alone will become an issue if there’s steady growth, which means it will be challenging to expand on the existing lot.

  11. teresalynned says:

    I agree it doesn’t make much sense to upgrade to daycare code unless we are planning on opening a daycare or preschool – is this an option? Considering our location, I don’t think so unless we have enough support within the congregation. To upgrade the building to daycare code so we can utilize it for babysitting 2 hours a week is, in my opinion, a waste of money. I like the idea of having the nursery downstairs and moving the library and consistory room across the parking lot, which wouldn’t require a lot of renovations for the existing outbuilding.

  12. CV says:

    How shall we respond to the Lord when we are held in account of how we spent his money? What do you think we will say on that day? Imagine! “Look lord, we know people starved, and our church plantings suffered, our own people struggle to find work, but at least our babies had a nice place to sleep.”

  13. cecile says:

    Just another thought….we live in an era where we are blessed to listen to the service via live feed. Maybe let the babies sleep in their own beds while one parent listens from home?

  14. Bryan Grim says:

    Without knowing what the snag from city hall is, it’s hard to say, but I would fight the permit police first. It might cost some money to get the variance board to meet, but it may save you a lot of problems in the future with the renovation.