Controversy Sells… Again.

Controversy Sells…Again.

Last year the most read posts on One Christian Dad  were controversial topics, and the same is true of this year.  Here are the Top Ten most read posts of 2013: 


10. Sleeping in Church : This article is not me yelling, “Don’t sleep in church!”

9. The Husband is to Provide Financially. – Written a year and a half ago, in May 2012, this article continues to bring readers, mostly frustrated wives of lazy husbands, to One Christian Dad.  I receive weekly emails about this topic.

8. Facebook and the 10 Commandments – Written in June 2012 this article resonates with the under 30 crowd.

7. An Introvert Speaks Out – I am an introvert. A blog is the perfect way for me to express myself and this article lets you into the brain of an introvert.

6. My Boyfriend Wants To Make Out… – A question from a 18 year old girl.  I have 2 daughters, so I draw a very hard line.

5.  Questions about Tolerance, Duck Commander and Gay Marriage – Written only a couple days ago, this article has quickly moved up the list as the issue of marriage equality becomes a hot button issue in our corner of the world.  This article may become the number 1 by years end at the current rate it is being read.

4. Christ is Glorified in the Death of Tim Bosma – The 4th most read post of the year

3. Straightjacket Christianity: A guest post by Paul Jubenvill resonated with the readers as he describes his journey as  a Christian. This heartfelt article demonstrates the faithfulness of our Father in heaven in his sovereign love, grace and mercy, and it also reveals the struggles of trying to fit in to a different sub-culture of Christianity.

2. Please Stop Badmouthing Your Church. – What the title says. “We don’t evangelize, too many people smoke, too many people drink, people in our church are lukewarm and complacent, we are religiously arrogant, our songs are too old fashioned and somber, our worship services are too structured and lifeless, we are sectarian…maybe we should find another church…” Stop.

1. Please Dress Modestly (especially at church.) –  This is the most read post written in 2013. This post may (probably will) offend those who have an affinity for fashion, peeling off layers of clothing when the sun comes out, sun worshipping, lulu-lemon, yoga pants, shorts, miniskirts and low cut shirts and dresses, and the like.

The real # 1. What Are Your Thoughts on Christian Men Having a Vasectomy?:   “Should Christian men have a vasectomy?”, “Is vasectomy a sin?” or some variant of those questions is the number one search engine term that brings people to One Christian Dad.  There is obviously something inside of us telling us that vasectomy is wrong … Written in November 2012, this is probably the most controversial article I have written to date.   This article continues to average about 20 views per day and generates at least one email to me per day. A year removed, I admit that I could have been more gracious in this article, but I stand by my convictions.  This is by far the most read article I have written.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed Merry Christmas!

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  1. Thanks for the idea of a Top 10 of the year! I only started my blog last April, but perhaps a look at the most popular posts will prove interesting and informative.

    P.S. I glanced at your post regarding vasectomy – and while I admit it was just a glance, I don’t think I saw anything about men getting a vasectomy for their health or the health of their wife. My wife was very grateful when I got my vasectomy at age 40, as it meant she would not have to get her tubes tied. Pregnancy after 40 is not highly recommended for certain people with certain medical conditions. Just like complaining about the church does no good, neither does the topic of having vasectomy or a hysterectomy.

    • Hi Karl,

      You should do it. I find it very interesting to look back and see what people are still looking at… 🙂
      As for the sterilization issue, I did say that medical/psychological reasons were valid – my argument was that vasectomy on demand is against scripture – which I stand by. And I agree with you that this topic really does nothing for the upbuilding of the church – but when I am asked a question I tend to just answer it…whether I am right or wrong!

      Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Merry Christmas from one Christian father Blogger to another. (