How Do You Stay Active?

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This post is not going to be a biblical defense about why a Christian should eat healthy and exercise – although that is a great idea for a blog post – this post is going to assume that to be the case.  This post is also not going to be me telling you how to be active – because at this point of my life…I have no clue.  I need your help.

This past Sunday my clothes simply did not fit.  

My clothes have been getting tighter for a long time, but I am now officially “out of shape.”  In fact according to 5 of 6 websites I have crossed the threshold from “overweight” to “obese.” And please don’t say, “No, you’re not fat, you look fine.”  Perhaps I do look fine. I hide it very well.  I am blessed with a body that deposits fat everywhere fairly evenly… But what I “look” like does not really matter to me.  

Health is the concern.

When I really noticed there was a problem was Christmas morning at church.  Despite the belt being on the biggest loop, the “muffin top” was very prominent, revealing to me that my pants were simply too small for my ever expanding waist line. The real kicker for me? When I had to carry my crying 4 year old out of the worship service and down from the balcony into the basement to talk with her, then carry her back up…




When I got back to my seat I tried to join in the congregational singing but had to catch my breath.

From walking…up 2 flights of stairs.

I used to run 10 Kilometers no problem…that was only 4 years ago. That would kill me now.

I posted an article back in the spring about getting back in shape.  I am in worse shape now.  Perhaps it is two days of festive eating really getting to me, but I need motivation to move! I now work at a desk… which means no more physical labour. Guys with physical jobs, I know how hard they can be, how tiring they are, but count your blessings! You have a built in work out routine! I also go to school, and sit at a desk in the evening doing homework (and this blog).  I simply don’t move enough.

So hear my plea – married people in university, or people who work desk jobs and have a young family and other commitments – what do you do to stay in shape?  What do you to stay motivated to get off your butt and move?

How Do You Stay Active?



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  1. Nick says:

    You have to make sure you are doing at least some sort of workout nearly everyday. Just one set of pushsups or situps, a short jog or run, whatever you feel like doing! You will be amazed at how quickly your overall energy levels increase and your desire to workout more will increase as well. The key is to never take more than a day off, stagger your workouts so you are always doing something new and fun. But make sure working out is not cutting into your blog time! lol

  2. Tom Huff says:

    Wish I could help…but I’m in the same boat! 🙂

  3. These will answer your ques in their own way, support your hopes:
    The How to Eat and The Wonder Years will be relevant.


    • I too feel like a fish out of water in the gym – even when I was going 5 days a week lol. Thanks for the link.

      • Well, if eat and do the same things we have all our life, nothing will change, right? The Wonder Years: Rewards of Sugar on the food blog talks about the paradigm shift my appetite underwent – away from nonfoods to food God delighted to provide for us. “Whether then you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God…”

  4. Alisa says:

    I’m out of shape right now too. :-).

    Yesterday after church I drove my hubby a few miles out so he could run back. That way he couldn’t shorten his run. (His idea, not mine)

    This time of year is brutal for even the usually active. Short days and too many goodies cross our path.

    Try the couch to 5k plan… I got about half way before I had to stop… But it was working!

    Try to enjoy the time with your family even with the ‘muffin top’! 🙂

  5. Darren says:

    I have an office job, and seemingly busy doing something every single night. The nights I am at home, I never work out as I just take the time to actually do nothing and spend time with my beloved wife.
    What I do, and it benefits me that my wife gets up super early for time to herself, is I make a pot of coffee, read my bible/devotional to wake up, and then I do a short workout. Short meaning, 12ish minutes. Three different exercises, four times over usually, work for 50seconds straight, 10 second rest, and repeat until complete. Work as hard as you can for the 12 minutes and Im sweating buckets and dead tired. It works perfect for me as I feel too busy to do more most weeks, and keeps me reasonable healthy and able to move.
    That, and I avoid sugar and sweets as much as possible. My vice being rye on the rocks a couple times a week. Portion control is 85% the battle.

    • Hi Darren,

      I used to do HIIT once or twice a week to supplement my work out. Not sure that I could do that, or give the full effort required lol! My vice is salty snacks. Time to put the chips down!

  6. JD Blom says:

    I had the same situation. My nephew talked me into doing a triathlon with him so I had date set and someone to do the race with. I have just kept at it since that first race. I don’t want to go through the getting in shape process again. God Bless.

  7. Vince Chough says:

    Some studies actually show that just standing while you work is better than sitting. Sometimes I prop my computer on a high desk and type standing.