Abortion: Are You At Least Holding the Rope?

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  1. Garry Postma says:

    Well said!

  2. Tom Huff says:

    This is an excellent article…I must reblog it!

  3. Tom Huff says:

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    Reblogging this from onchristiandad’s Blog. I hope you follow the link and read the entire article. Good stuff 🙂

  4. Thanks Ryan. This post reminds me of LD’s 40 where we confess:

    “Q.Is it enough, then, that we do not kill our neighbour in any such way?

    A. No. When God condemns envy, hatred, and anger, He commands us to love our neighbour as ourselves, to show patience, peace, gentleness, mercy, and friendliness toward him, to protect him from harm as much as we can, and to do good even to our enemies.”

    “To protect him from harm as much as we can.” It’s so true that we all to often forget about sins of ‘omission’ in our struggle to not ‘commit’ sin.

    • Thanks Mike, very true, I should have worked that in! I appreciate what you are doing. It was good to see you at UFV as well. Keep up the good work. I am holding the rope as best I can 🙂

  5. Dana M says:

    I totally agree with what you have written, however I find there is a lot of irony going on especially in our homes and churches regarding abortion. Abortion is wrong, we all agree on this… or do we? I have done a lot of research mostly on the internet as it is the most convenient method of research and am not saying I know all the answers or maybe haven’t discovered the full truth yet. Anyways my point how many Christians use birth control? Is birth control wrong? Maybe. Maybe not. But do people know what it does? The pill – yes prevents you from conceiving but it also destroys cells that become implanted, meaning if you do conceive before you even are aware the pill destroys the baby from developing past a couple of days. IUD – these work in much the same way as the pill on very rare occasions you can become pregnant with one inserted but often times the pregnancy miscarries, other times the baby has no room to continue development as the uterus is full of this device so again you miscarry, which most people aren’t aware of as very early miscarriages just appear to be a menstrual cycle. I am no expert on the topic but I know when I was engaged and starting researching there is a lot of scary facts out there regarding invasive birth control that we don’t know or rather don’t take the time to investigate. My caution is we all need to be aware of what we do to our bodies and the effects it may or may not have on us and the lives of our future children.

    • Thanks for the comment Dana. Personally I believe most forms of birth control are not looked kindly upon by our Father in heaven. Many Christians do not realize what they actually do when they take BC. That is not an excuse of course, but there is room for grace. We should be faithful to educate and faithful to encourage. We should be careful whom we declare to be a murderer as well, but we should always and recklessly point to the grace found in Jesus. As A young married couple my wife and I unintentionally used Abortifacient contraceptives, I have no idea if they caused deaths or not, but what I do know is that Christ paid my sin debt and my wife’s sin debt as well. If we are to preach against contraceptives, we must in equal portion preach the gospel of grace. Repent, believe…because ultimately, that is all that matters.