Men of Integrity: Building Godly Relationships


I am excited to go to this years  Men of Integrity Conference!  The theme this year is Building Godly Relationships. I encourage you to come as well! “What is a ‘Men of Integrity’ conference?”  It is a short 24 hour retreat, where we get away for a night, join together with other Christian men to worship our Lord, study His Word,  fellowship together, pray together and engage in discipleship.

Alright. Some of you may be thinking, “Yeah, sounds nice, but I bet I can’t afford that.” No wait!  You can!  If you can’t then ask a friend to cover you! You can wash his car or something. And on the flip-side of the coin, if you know of someone who can’t afford to go, but would benefit from this please consider buying a ticket for him.  Someone bought me a ticket when I could not afford it, and I am so thankful for that. This is totally worth it.   The cost of the retreat is only $100 and that includes your accommodation, 4 meals and it covers the two speaker’s expenses. And wait till you see where it is!


lhawathet River

The Chehalis Healing House in beautiful Chehalis, British Columbia is to be our destination.

There will be three lectures and follow up discussions.  Pastor Steve Swets will be leading the first and third sessions, while Pastor Ryan Dejonge will be our leader for the second session.  The sessions look like this:

 Session 1: Building Relationships with Men: The Bible’s Teaching

In an age of individualism, the Bible’s teaching on wisdom, advice, mentorship, and growth stands as a welcomed guest in our churches. In this speech Pastor Swets will lead us in seeing what the Bible teaches about our relationships with other men. To become pious and godly men of integrity, we stand in need of the communion of the saints. This support can and should be given to men by men, for this is what God’s Word teaches.

Session 2: Building Relationships with Women: With Absolute Purity. 

Purity does not mean everything for a Christian man’s integrity, but without purity his integrity means nothing. There is perhaps no greater struggle for men of integrity in today’s culture than the struggle for purity. In our time together with Pastor Dejonge, we will seek the conviction, wisdom, direction, and encouragement of God’s Word and Spirit as we refocus ourselves on maintaining absolute purity in our relationships with women.

Session 3: Relationships with Men: Theology in Practice

After having seen what the Bible teaches about relationships with men and a focus on mentorship, Pastor Swets will lead the men through some helpful suggestions, warnings, and tips of how to build these relationships in our lives. The men will be asked to think about how they can incorporate godly relationships into their lives and churches. This session will seek to apply Scripture’s principles in order that we might continue to walk as men of integrity.

Please join us. I really hope to see you there.  It will be a wonderful time of fellowship.

For more information, or to get tickets, please click here or visit

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