Heaven is Real & God is Just, Not Cruel

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7 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    I started reading hoping to bash your reformed view of God. I thought the Reformed view of God was cruel, but this God you present is very loving. You have thrown a wrench in what I believed about this topic. Thank you for this. You have made me think.

  2. Enid Luiten says:

    Come for coffee and let me tell you about my NEAR death experience. (I think the operative word here is “near”.) Although I agree with you, I would not call my experience a hallucination.

    • Enid that sounds wonderful, we have not visited in a long time! And I will tell you of my conversion experience 🙂 I don’t often tell of my conversion experience in detail because often I find that people who do not have a similar experience will be either left to doubt what I am saying or doubt their own salvation – why have I not experienced that? They should not focus on what I have experienced, nor should I, but on the promises of God in the gospel. Although I would not trade that experience for anything!

  3. gloria faber says:

    What a beautiful analogy about the lost little girl. I hope I remember that forever, especially when the fear of death has its hold on me. I agree with you about the book. We need to test the spirits of this age against scriptures. I’ve read the book and I heard about it on KARI radio – churches are toting the book and members are split up about. Satan must be real happy about that!!!
    May God continue to use you in His service.

    • Thanks for the comment Gloria. That is a very telling remark you made about Satan. Satan will use whatever he can to take our eyes off of Christ – even debating theology. We should always remember that all this is for His glory. Theology is for doxology.

  4. theodora1950 says:

    I agree with almost everything you wrote. However I disagree with one key point.
    There are people (and I know of two) who do indeed experience death or near-death and are resuscitated by CPR, who can recount almost “crossing over” and seeing, whether real or a vision, loved ones. Yet their spirit returns to their bodies and they continue in this life.
    So your analogy is stirring, but does not necessarily hold true.The Lord does say sometimes, your time has not yet come, your work on earth is not done. They do not see heaven in all it’s glory, or reality, but they do “get a glimpse”.
    That doesn’t mean I espouse the book “Heaven is for Real”. I have not read it, and have no intention of ever reading it. I do not believe that becoming millionaires on the “experience of death” is God’s will, or even meets His approval. One person I know that did have a near-death experience very rarely speaks of it, because she has a strong overwhelming sense that God does not want her to tell others. The other doubted her vision, but never forgot the experience. And I also do not feel that believing these people is extra-scriptural.
    It simply means that everything God reveals in scripture about death is gloriously true, and we should not be afraid when the Lord calls us home. We are going where we belong, to be with Him. What is more comforting?