Switching From 3 Forms to Westminster

Kevin Deyoung is one of my favourite bloggers and writers.  He is pastor of University Reformed Church in East Lansing Michigan, formerly of the Reformed Church in America.  University Reformed Church has voted to leave the Reformed Church in America.  They will be joining a NAPARC denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America.  Read about it   Here. While I am happy to see Deyoung guide his flock in the truth of the Word, and the consistory of the church promoting this move… This move actually confuses me a little.  I would have thought they would join the URCNA.  The reason this move confuses me a little is not that I disagree with Presbyterianism or with the PCA (RC Sproul is one of my faves as well …), my question is how does a church that adheres to the 3 forms of Unity switch to the Westminster standards?

I agree with the reasons to leave the RCA, and I am thankful that God proves his faithfulness in this, but I wait with bated breath to hear the reasons for joining the PCA.  Nothing against the PCA, just wondering the thought process behind it.  I welcome your thoughts.

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1 Response

  1. kevin says:

    Definitely an interesting move. Their church has ordained deaconesses, it’ll be interesting to see how that is dealt with. From what I’ve read the PCA has unordained deaconesses in some cases, so that could be one reason for trying to join the PCA rather than the URC.