Review: Always Daddy’s Princess by Karen Kingsbury. [and a give away]

I have to admit that I never expected to review a Karen Kingsbury Book….especially for Fathers day.  But that is what is about to happen!

Karen Kingsbury ,or more precisely, her PR people, sent me a copy of a book she wrote to review for this occasion.  Wait.  What?


I have never read her.  I know nothing about her as an author, except that my wife has read her.

Anyway, the book is printed on a thick card stock for children and it is entitled: Always, Daddy’s Princess.



Full of pinks and purples (the perfect colours for Father’s Day), the story begins with a little baby girl being born to an excited new father. The book then recounts the story of her life as it relates to her father, through tea parties, soccer games, learning to drive, graduation, marriage and ultimately, the birth of her own daughter. I admit that I enjoyed this book. It is written in a poetic style and makes use of scripture verses on each page. If I had to nitpick, (and I do – because that is just me) the verses are often out of context, but that is a great opportunity to discuss the Bible with your daughter!  My 4 year old loved the kitties and puppies hidden through out the  book and she non stop interrupts me while I read, with questions about the beautifully illustrated pages.   Whenever I read the book, my girls are eager to listen and learn.  I found that this book led to deeper discussions of scripture, Daddys, daughters…boys…and a host of other things.  So I do recommend this book.  This book would make a wonderful gift for an expecting father, an experienced father, or a grandfather – any man who has a baby girl in his life that he loves to read with.

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  1. Miranda L says:

    Awesome give away! This would be wonderful to win as my hubby and I have 2 little girls who love their story time at bedtime with daddy!