My Money, My Truck, My Vacation, My Worship.

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3 Responses

  1. em says:

    Thank you for addressing an issue that we struggle with. We “worry” not so much about our financial future, but about what the spending generation is teaching our children. How can they learn to worship and treasure God properly without good example? You give a lot of food for though.

    One idea to help our children realize priorities with spending and giving – encourage them to match donations in any given week/month with what is spent on entertainment, etc. It is not enforced, since they also need to learn to be cheerful givers, but hopefully it makes them think about how they are spending God’s gifts.

    Your post made me think that we could also add “how we spend our time” to this lesson. Again – not necessary to enforce, but to encourage heartfelt serving for all of us. Match our idle time with volunteer/worship/study… hmmm…

  2. J Kott says:

    heard this quote once, “if you start wanting money, give some away”