Random Thoughts about The Pipe Organ

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  1. Peter Plug says:

    dear “One Christian Dad”, ……… ok I did “stalk you” and think you are called Ryan Smith, ……… once again a thought provoking article. I enjoy reading your musings, etc. Keep it up ! Peter Plug

    • Thanks for stalking me! I know that you are called peter plug. 🙂 If you read my “about me” up on the top of this page you will get a pretty good picture of who I am…and a picture of me covered in stickers…

  2. Great summary of some Christian responses to different instruments! Something close to my heart as I just love to sing and worship- whether to the guitar and drums or the pipe organ, it’s all a joyful noise unto The Lord!

    There’s a church in London which combines a worship band with the pipe organ! It’s amazing. They get the organ to join in on the last chorus with the band. The whole church vibrates. I love that – thinking outside the box a bit!

  3. tjeerddeboer says:

    Reblogged this on Boeren in Bergen and commented:
    Amusant en interessant. Over Psalm 150 en de rol van torgel in de gereformeerde kerkdienst.

  4. Heather says:

    One reason the pipe organ is good for leading congregational singing is because it can sustain notes (notes can be held). Most other instruments, like piano and guitar, the sound ‘decays’ much quicker (the notes fade away). For larger groups especially it is easier to sing with the consistent, sustained sound.