Will God Get it Wrong? Where is the Line Between Hard Work & Trusting?

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  1. I find that often my problem is in how quickly I commit to new responsibilities, obligations, and debts without fully taking the time to count the cost of such endeavors. Sin often leads me to over-working, and while God is faithful to meet our needs He is also keen to discipline me (by His Holy Spirit) for taking on more than I should. Honestly, I don’t think there is a dichotomy between working hard and trusting in God. There are many who do no work at all and still don’t trust in God (they trust in the State). When I find myself over extended (I am, after all, a mere mortal in a sinful body), I repent and pray for wisdom in how I might dial back my lifestyle. Not an instant fix by any means, but it leaves room for the Peace that passes all understanding to guard my heart from fear, worry, and anxiety. God bless you and yours, brother.

    • Thanks Faithful. I think the issue for me is that I was not blessed with a father who provided either way. I have had to learn this myself. Also, my wife brings up a good point, that this is a kind of grey area. I like Black or white, so when things are not explicitly laid out…I dont like that. Thanks for the response!

  2. So what would happen if you asked someone who has all the answers – you know he/she is out there. 🙂 or should that be 🙁
    I’m sure we’ve all done this – “I don’t get it, [name] is always short of cash, yet smokes/travels/goes to movies/concerts/buys new shoes every week/etc.”
    What if one were to speak to “that guy/gal” to see what they might suggest. Then I wonder what my justification for any of these “things” would be, because I know I would have them. “we work hard for that vacation to Micronesia, and there’s nothing wrong with an all inclusive trip to a warm location. Others do it, why can’t I”
    We need to reflect on our values and desires, are we acting too much like the world? We have worked to set a “nest egg” aside, perhaps not enough, perhaps too much, but it doesn’t matter, when I look back it seems that many times the family needed $500 that month but only had $400, yet somehow there was a zero balance. I have yet to figure out how that worked, very possibly it was my poor accounting skills, but I don’t really know, all I know is that the bills had been paid, we had what we needed as a family, and God had again provided.
    Even today I often wonder, what are the excesses that others might feel I have, perhaps my vision has been skewed and knowing what another might believe (Suggested in a loving way) would help me reflect, answer, and be a better follower of Christ.