Artists That Should Be on Christian Radio

I have not had a radio in my car for about a year.  And my phone is so old that I can’t play music on it.  So I don’t have music to listen to on my hour long commute…each way…that is until last week when my car broke down.  We borrowed a van (thanks mom and dad D) and it had a radio.  I was in my glory.  Singing praises…but after 5 days and about 10 hours of driving…I was sick of the music! Hearing, “Praise you in this Storm” 7 times and “Blessed Be Your Name” 8 times…I like those songs…but really?  And most of the other songs are kinda fluffy.  Let’s be honest here, some of the songs have very weird romantic  undertones.  Like, the song “I Love the Way You love Me,” could be sung to a husband and played on regular radio! I began to long for the songs that really glorified God. I thought, what artists do I want to hear on the radio?  What follows is a list of ten artists I would like to hear on Christian radio.  It was very hard to narrow it down to 10 artists and it was very hard to narrow to a single song for each artist.  I I kind of counted down, but really this is in no particular order.

I could have called this post – Music I Like. 🙂

Disclaimer – I don’t listen to much radio – so if any of these artists are on Christian radio already, that is fantastic!

10: Adam Young (Owl City)…is not a CCM artist.  But judging from his version of In Christ Alone and this hymn…he should be.

9: Ghost Ship. A strange name for a Christian band, but this song is really catchy!  And it has good lyrics, their other stuff is good too.

8: Sufjan Stevens.   Sorry Jaydon Lavik…this is my “go to” version of Come Thou Fount.

7. Sons of Korah.  Psalms.  They sing Psalms.  Why is this not on the radio?

6. Citizens.  Upbeat group that does upbeat remakes of old hymns. Yes I know this one is not an old hymn.

5. Shai Lynne. OK I can’t stand rap and hip hop.  But the lyrics are fantastic.  Check out his song “False Teachers” where he calls out by name a number of prosperity teachers including Joel Osteen, Pal crouch, Joyce Meyer, and Benny Hinn. This will never be on CCM Radio.  Here is my favourite Shai Lynne song: All Consuming Fire

4. Soveriegn Grace. It’s Your Grace.  In The Valley is my favourite song by Sovereign Grace – the title track from the album based on the Puritan Prayers of the same name – but I have posted that a number of times on facebook already!  I love this group.

3. Indelible Grace.  Not really a group, but a rotating group of various members who come in and out.  Very reformed.  Very catchy.  Very nice to listen to listen too.

2. Dustin Kensrue.  My current favourite CCM artist.  And this is my favourite song by him. This is my favourite lyric written in the past  couple years.  That was a lot of favourite.

1. Shane and Shane.  Though you slay me.  Brilliant musicality, blended with the truth of God’s Word, and in this song also a clip of John Piper’s Reformed view of suffering.  Sermon and song should be blended more often in my humble opinion.  This is probably my favourite song right now.

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  1. Colleen says:

    Thank you for sharing! I’m always looking for good Christian music.

  2. great choices, thanks

  3. Thanks for this Ryan! I get sick of the music on Christian radio, too and usually end up listening to CBC (classical). I’ll definitely be looking into these. 🙂