My Response to the Chilliwack Times article, “Veterans Speak Out on Anti-Abortion Protest at Chilliwack Cenotaph.”


What follows is my response to the article in the Chilliwack times, Veterans speak out on anti-abortion protest at Chilliwack Cenotaph.  There is much more that could be said, so if you feel so inclined, please send a message to the editor  here.

Dear editor,

Regarding the article, “Veterans Speak Out on Anti-Abortion Protest at Chilliwack Cenotaph,” Nov. 4, 2014.

Living in Chilliwack, I have attended the Remembrance Day parade at the cenotaph each year since I moved to our fair city seven years ago. Since childhood, I have proudly worn a poppy in remembrance of the brave sacrifices that were made to secure our freedom as Canadians. I have the deepest gratitude and respect for those who have served, and currently do serve, in the Canadian military. We absolutely should respect and preserve the honour of the many soldiers who gave their lives to fight against those evil ideologies that sought to deny some groups of humans the right to life.

But, each year in Canada, the lives of 100,000 helpless human beings are snuffed out before they take their first breath. And there is no legislation against this. Sadly, Canada shares this status with only North Korea and China. While I agree that we must respect our soldiers, veterans, and those who have sacrificed their lives for us, what better place for a peaceful and solemn display that seeks to see an end to the current holocaust, than at the cenotaph? We should value the lives lost due to abortion as we value the lives sacrificed and remembered on Remembrance Day.

As for Mr. Henderson’s reporting of this event, it is my understanding that ARPA and We Need a Law chose to use the museum grounds because it was the only public area with enough grass in the busy downtown core to accommodate the number of flags for their display; the cenotaph simply happens to be on those grounds. Essentially stating that Schouten is a liar at the end of the article is far too strong for a mere misunderstanding out of city hall. I strongly suggest that Mr. Henderson simply post unbiased facts and avoid the sensationalism that this article is.


Ryan Smith
Chilliwack BC

Image Credit: Brad Smith as appeared in the Chilliwack Times

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