Are You Broken? Good.

To my broken, hurting, addicted, struggling, at the end of the rope, brothers and sisters.

God did not send his son to die for you because you were good enough.

God did not send his son to die for you because you were strong enough.

Jesus did not suffer the wrath of God and die in your place because you were all right and going to heaven on your own merit.  No. When you were at your weakest, at the appointed time, God rescued you.  When you could not overcome that addiction.  That alcohol.  That lust.  That adultery.  That anger.  That idolatry.  That pride.  When you were dead in your sin, Christ died for you.

This is the staggeringly beautiful good news of the gospel of Jesus.

Are you Broken?


Now stand up.  Get up!  And stop complaining that you are too weak, or not good enough, or too far gone. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.  God has forgiven you and you have the power that raised Christ from the dead living in you!  Yeah you are weak, so am I, so is your pastor, so was Jonathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, and John Calvin.  So now there is nothing you can complain about!  We are all weak.

BUT …as the old kids song says…he is strong.  Rely on him.  Stop looking at yourself and your weakness and look to him.

Got your focus on Christ?


Now wage war on your sinful addictions and struggles and weakness in the strength he provides.  Don’t look back. Don’t look at yourself.  Don’t waver.  Focus on him.  It is all about him.  Not about you.

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  1. Great reminder! I often have to tell myself this very thing – somehow it never gets old and fill sme with new hope.

  2. Peter Plug says:

    AGREED 🙂