3rd Annual Titus 2:1 Awards

About two years ago  I received an anonymous “middle finger award”.   In response I created the” Titus 2:1 Award” for doctrinally sound blogs.  Read about it Here. 

The Titus 2:1 award is for those who “blog” what accords with sound doctrine.  Titus 2 says:

But as for you, teach what accords with sound doctrine. (ESV)


Each year around the Christmas Season, I nominate 3 blogs for this award.  Typically I will award this to those who hold to the Christian faith as taught in the Reformed Confessions, however I will stray into other territory from time to time. If you know someone who has a doctrinally sound blog, feel free to take part by awarding the Titus 2:1 to them. Let them know that you are awarding it to them and give them the following instructions:
Anyone who will accept the award is requested to do the following on their blog:
1. Display the “award” on a blog post and thank the person who awarded it to you.
2. Answer the following questions in the blog post:
     a. If you could have dinner with any historical Christian figure, who would it be and why?
     b. What 1 burning question would you ask?
     c. Where and what would you eat?
     d.  What was the last Bible verse you read?
3. Now you must nominate at least one more blogger for the award.

Without further adieu I present the winners of the 3rd annual Titus 2:1 award. I hope you will enjoy these blogs as well.

Head Heart Hand by David Murray:  One of the rules I gave myself with this award was to not nominate any “big name” bloggers.  I am breaking that rule here, kind of. While he does not have the following of a Tim Challies, Ann Voskamp or Al Mohler, his blog is still ranked as the 178th most popular Christian blog. Murray is Pro­fes­sor of Old Tes­ta­ment and Prac­ti­cal The­ol­ogy at Puri­tan Reformed The­o­log­i­cal Sem­i­nary, pastor of Grand Rapids Free Reformed Church, and the author of “Christians Get Depressed Too.” Head Heart Hand, is one of my must reads. He blogs about all sorts of topics like ministry, leadership, preaching, counseling, technology, and theology.

Really Good Reads by 4 Dykstras: I really enjoy this blog.  The majority of the posts are by Jon, who is also the editor at Reformed Perspective, a magazine for the Christian Family. While this is not your run of the mill “theological” type of blog, they certainly do hold books up against the Bible and do a good job of recommending really good reads…see what I did there?  If you are looking for solid books that jive with your Christian faith, look no further.

Faithful Stewardship: by Jorge Rodriguez: Jorge’s desire with his blog is that we be able to discuss the scriptures, and even argue, without losing sight of the whole of scriptures, conducting ourselves in grace and love.  He often writes “mega posts,” posts that are longer than most second year academic term papers, but they are well worth the read.  Jorge and I do not agree on everything, but I appreciate what he is doing. My favorite posts are the ones where he analyzes contempory Christian songs against scripture – it is these posts that prompted me to nominate him for this award.




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