My Negative Church

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Great post Ryan!

  2. Jane says:

    Totally agree – if we are not such bad sinners then Christ died for not. No Christ died for us because of our sin. Let us show thankfulness for this awesome gift!!!

  3. Idelle says:

    “Sin and accountability aren’t popular messages. Yet being trendy and well liked is not the point. We’re here to carry out the work and mission of God, even when doing so is uncomfortable.” This part of a Charles Stanley devotional reminded me of your well written post.

  4. I agree with you on the importance of talking about why the Good News is actually good news – which necessitates explaining the severity of the problem. However, I think where Reformed movements can get out of balance is that in their desire to not avoid talking about sin and human depravity, they develop an overly negative view of humanity, of other people (especially the unredeemed), expressed in the way they approach even their own children. The counterpoint to this is that we are created in the image of God with many “good” qualities; although our essence has been corrupted by sin, we still have these qualities which reflect the goodness of God, even if imperfectly. I believe it is important to preach the whole Gospel (not avoiding sin, obedience and accountability) while making sure the redemption of the Gospel is the focus. And I believe it is possible to preach the Good News in a way that is overly negative. Surely, some people will take offense at being confronted with their sinfulness, and maybe this is the case with the people you mention, but I think their criticism must cause us to reflect on whether we are in fact being overly and unnecessarily negative, yet chalking it all up to preaching the whole truth – when in fact, there is room for a greater focus on Redemption, without telling someone that they are just find and okay.

    BTW – I was in British Columbia this past week, attending the funeral of a friend of mine from Christ Covenant Church in Langley.