The Post about Jesus and the Battlefield Stretcher…

I was recently asked where to find the “post about Jesus and the battlefield stretcher…” This post was originally posted to my Facebook page on Dec 30, 2014:

As I travel this broken road, I have made an interesting observation.

I am weak.

Painfully weak.

saving someone bog picAs hard as I try, there is nothing I can do in and of myself to get out of this dark valley. Yet, now at this point of the journey, where I have entered this valley, I realize that I am still on the road. I have not fallen into the ditch, and although it is slow right now, progress is still being made. Even though it is bumpy and painful, I am still walking, or crawling, or perhaps being dragged along in a makeshift battlefield stretcher by Jesus…yeah probably that last one…

My point is that in my weakness and utter reliance on him, I am farther along this journey than I was when I felt strong, when I was on that mountaintop and could see for miles and the sun was shining on my face. And that is shear grace.

And as he drags me along in that battlefield stretcher, I ask him, “What is the point of this overwhelming weaknesses in me? Why don’t you just heal me and let me walk beside you? Please…”

And he replies, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

As much as I desire healing, as much as I want to walk on my own two feet beside my saviour, perhaps I, like Paul, am being taught a lesson. Perhaps He is teaching me humility and reliance on him. He is teaching me that healing is not what I need most in the midst of this adversity. What I need most is faith. Faith that he will bring me through this. Faith that what is happening is part of the greatest purpose of God…his glory.

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