Doing Church: It is a Beautiful, Awkward, Messy Thing.

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  1. canuck says:

    Very well put!

  2. James Wise says:

    LOVE THIS! You nailed it on the head!

    As someone who recently went through a rough patch I have such an appreciation for the small, small hand full of men who sat me down, took me to coffee, invited me to something lame…those are the one who I leaned on, and I am ever-so-grateful. Those men even became the ones I sent a text to one day that said, “Do not ask me about how I am doing today. I need to know that there is going to be 1 person I know who is not going to ask me that.” – and of course they did it, they pulled me aside, gave me a hug or a good game…whichever was appropriate. They carried me…I hope I am the same kind of man, because I needed them…and I survived the storm because they were my anchors.