Easy “Love.”

“I think I am just gonna go home and pornhub it…”

Me: “Whoa! What?”

Him: “Yeah, I am a bit wound up. I need to release some tension…gonna pornhub it. Just me and my netbook…”

Pornhub it.

That was part of a conversation I had with a coworker.  After chatting with him for a bit, it was apparent that it is “normal” to use pornography. “Everyone does it.,” he claimed.  He had absolutely no problem with it.  Not only that, he had no problem with letting me know all about it, what site he likes, and…and then I cut him off….

When I tried to tell him about the exploitation of women, the rewiring of men’s brains, porn induced erectile dysfunction, and the rape culture propagated by porn, he just laughed, “Dude chill. It’s normal now.  Sure it’s not ideal, but what else are we supposed to do if we can’t find a chick to hook up with…?  It’s easy…”

And there it is.  It’s easy.

Hook up culture.  Easy.

Porn culture.  Easy.

Rape culture. Easy

Abortion.  Easy.

Is this really “normal” now?  Judging from the giant ad in Times Square in New York that was erected a couple months ago:


I would say so.  

Yeah sure, it was taken down within a couple days, but enough people thought it was ok to let it happen.  How long before something like this is allowed to stay? It seems that America has bought into the lie of the devil. Our Children are now being blatantly exposed to pornography.  What does a parent tell their 7 year old who asks, “Daddy what is pornhub?”

I shudder to think…

Pornography, once a dark secret kept in a shoe box under the mattress of the social outcast that no one dared talk about, is now not only readily available, it is celebrated by “upstanding” people like my coworker. It makes sense, though, doesn’t it?  In a culture of easy sex on demand, why shouldn’t we be able to view this stuff?

And the crazy thing about all this? The real kicker? While people sit in front of their computers coveting, lusting and rewiring their brains to an obscene addiction without even realizing it, the most searched for word according to porn hub is not what most people would think it would be.  It is not some obscene and nasty word that guys are looking for.  Those looking at porn are not necessarily looking for kiddie porn, or other nasty, vile things, although it can, and often does, lead to that stuff…what they are looking for is actually what we are created to long for.


Love is the most searched for word in pornography.  This is totally insane. These men are destroying their brains, their marriages, their lives… looking for love.  How sad and twisted is that? The painfully sickening irony about the giant ad that Pornhub put up in Times square is that it changed the lyrics of the famous song, from “love” to “hand”…when everyone is looking for love.

We were created to love. 

We are commanded to love.

The Bible tells us that. This world needs love.  That is obvious. They are looking for it.  There is something missing deep inside them and they know it, they can feel it. It is a hollowness that needs to be filled. They long for love, but they do not know what love looks like. We have it. God is love. And yet we search in all the wrong places.  Only Jesus Christ can offer us the Love each of us so desparately needs. And only God in Jesus Christ can offer us freedom from sin and temptation, including lust, porn, adultery and other sexual sin.

Sadly, Christians aren’t immune.  More than 45% of Christians admit that pornography is a major problem in their home. An anonymous survey conducted by Pastors.com reported that 54% of pastors admitted viewing porn within the last year. And it’s not just guys! In an online newsletter, 34% of female readers of Today’s Christian Woman admitted to intentionally accessing Internet porn. It was noted that 1 out of every 6 women who read Today’s Christian Woman say they struggle with addiction to pornography.  These numbers are all from a decade ago.  Porn is even more prevalent now. It is so easy.



Stop “pornhubbing it.”  Stop looking for “love” on line. Cut it off. Porn is death.  Sexual sin is death. Adultery is death. These things will rot your soul, and destroy your marriages and families. Flee from sexual immorality.  Flee from sin.  Flee into the open arms of Jesus.

We are all looking for love. 

So look to Him. 

He is Love.



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  1. Dana M says:

    Thank you for posting this. IT is terrifying to me how “open” our culture has become to accepting this evil as the norm.

  2. Fant Nook says:

    Nice blog of truth!