Depression: When His Grace Didn’t Feel Sufficient for me…

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  1. linkenlodge says:

    Beautiful & Heartbreaking. I so wish there was something that those living side by side could effectively do! (Besides the platitudes that come our way ) Prayer will always be our most powerful ally, yet at the same time such a quiet one that does not seem so powerful, in the moment, to us while walking the road.

    • Coosje Helder says:

      This was a compelling and heartbreaking read. Ryan, do you think it is wrong to go on anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication? I’ve been in that dark place for a very long time, starting already in my youth. and all of the above held true. But after many many years I opted for medication to help me cope. And, truth be told, although I learned so much through depression, I do not have the courage to go back there. I just can’t.

      • I do not think it is wrong. In this broken world some us need medicine for sickness and depression can certainly be physiological for a lot of us…rather than spiritual or emotional. I dont need them but I do take supplements and vitamins to help control my depression, and who knows, in the future I may need them. Although it has been said that if David had access to antidepressants that many of the Psalms never would have been penned 🙂

    • I found the most practically effective thing besides prayer was when people were just there. Not when they were trying to cheer me up, but just being present with me. Remember also that the family of the depressed person is stressed. My wife appreciated the times when people would ask her how she was doing or when they brought over a meal.