Monday Coffee Theology


t’s Monday. After a day of rest, where we left our cares at the foot of the throne, the Lord gave us his blessing and sent us out into this week. We are re-energized, and ready. It is time for a fresh start.

But maybe you woke up and it doesn’t feel like a fresh start.

Perhaps you left your cares at the throne, but last week’s pain still lingers.

Perhaps you daily leave your cares at the throne…but you are still unemployed, separated, grieving, weeping, and the hopelessness, anger, despair that you continue to leave at the throne incessantly returns to you and clings to you like a needy toddler who won’t give you a moment of peace. Maybe this morning the bright morning sun is obscured by the smoky haze of the depression you are battling. Maybe your sun feels as if it has been snuffed out; maybe where you are it is just cold and dreary and drizzling.

Maybe your Monday, is just another Monday in a long string of Mondays that have no meaning any more. You are just surviving.

Perhaps, whatever your trial is… in the midst of all this pain, it doesn’t matter to you that the sun is still shining. And you are tired of hearing the theology, the verses, people telling you to “get over it because Jesus loves you.”

I have been there. I get it.

Maybe right now the only theology you need is a hug, to hear that it’s ok. And you know what? The Lord does love you, you are his covenant child, he weeps when you weep, and he collects all of your tears in his bottle. I know you can’t feel it right now, but you can feel a hug.

So to the rest of us, if you know someone who is hurting, depressed, grieving, and you have no clue what to say, maybe just give them a hug, sit in silence and drink a coffee with them. Maybe that is all the theology they need today. And maybe hugging someone and drinking coffee is exactly what the Lord sent you out into this week to do.

This post first appeared on the  One Christian Dad Facebook Page.

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