I Am Blogging For God’s Glory…(or am I?)


This morning, over at HeadHeartHand, I read a great article by David Murray called Bonfire Repentance.  The article is about idolatry, and how the Heidlelberg Catechism delves into that subject. In the article he mentions as possible idols: blog stats, facebook likes etc. The very things that might cause pride within me as a blogger, and become idols to me.  I often ask myself, “Am I blogging to God’s glory or am I blogging for my own?”  

I can say that I usually am blogging for Gods glory, one of my rules is to sit on articles and pray about it prior to posting, and I usually have someone read them over, especially the controversial topics. But sometimes the answer is not what it should be, sometimes I like the “likes,” and sometimes the shares do mean more than they ought too.

The ironic thing is that this morning, while reading this post by Murray, I received a notification that my own blog stats were booming. So naturally, I stopped reading the article and followed the referrals back to see why there was so much traffic. It wasn’t long before I realized that David Murray himself had linked to the “Abused Christian Women” article on his Daily Check Out blog post, and the Aquila Report had reblogged it, and both were sending lots traffic this way.




I am ever so grateful that the topic of Abuse in the Church is receiving the attention it deserves, but the traffic, and the response within me, really made think.  When I saw the booming stats – I have rarely had an hour this busy before – I felt pride well up inside me, while I was reading an article about idolatry.

So I went back and finished reading the post that David Murray had written.

At the end of the article he links to some questions about digital media and idolatry, which are good for all of us to consider:

1. Does technology serve me or am I its slave? Do I use it to serve God or is the Devil using it to enslave me?

2. Am I seeking significance and self-worth in the number of Twitter followers, blog subscribers, and Facebook friends I have?

3. Am I addicted to information?

4. Are my digital communications serving as a substitute for face-to-face relationships, or even spiritual communication with God?

5. Am I open and honest in my accountability?

6. Am I afraid of anyone picking up my phone and looking through it?

7. Is my online persona real or partly an act?

8. Are my best and most valued relationships online or face-to-face?

9. Is my local church community more important to me than any online community I’m part of?

10. When I wake up, do I read my Bible and pray before any electronic communication? (54% reach for phone within minutes of waking. 74% check phone before spiritual disciplines.)

11. Am I taking regular digital sabbaths? (tech-free periods of time each day and one screen-free day each week)

12. How long a period of time can I go without connecting with the digital world? Am I seeking to extend and stretch such periods?

13. Am I promoting myself or my Lord?

14. Am I daily seeking and depending upon the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit to help me use digital technology for God’s glory?

15. Do you try to fill every spare moment and every quiet moment with media.

16. Would Jesus look at your phone use or social media profile and say, “Well done, good and faithful servant”?

17. Do you get anxious when separated from your phone?

18. Do you have any boundaries as to place or time?

19. How many times do you check your phone each day? (teens check at least 100 times a day, sometimes 200).

20. Do you rush to buy the latest technology?

How would you answer these?

I will be taking some time to examine myself.  It has been over year since I took a 2 week break, it might be time again. I will keep you posted!

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