Best of Chilliwack: Things I Miss…

It’s been just about two months since we left Chilliwack. We are settling nicely into our new home in Surrey. I enjoy it here, though the hustle, bustle, traffic and noise will take some getting used to. I am looking forward to adjusting to life in the “Big City,” but there are things I already miss about Chilliwack.  I could mention things like the the street we lived on, our old neighbours (especially the friends the girls had), housing prices, the fact that rush hour only ever happened at 9:45 on Sunday morning as people rushed to church, friends, family, prayer group, our congregation, and so on… but I am going to list some of things the things I loved about Chilliwack that others can enjoy. So what follows is a compilation of what I consider the best of Chilliwack. This list is in no particular order.

Mt Cheam.

Mt CHeam

The view from our front deck in Chilliwack

My current view out my front window is my neighbour’s house…not that I don’t like his house, it is a lovely town-house…but Mt Cheam greeted me each morning reminding me of the greatness of the glory of God in creation.  On clear mornings I could see amazing sunrises, and in the evenings this mountain would display a pink hue as the sun set in the west. Mt. Cheam also provided a wonderful opportunity for hiking.


Harvest Cafe on Mill St.


Look at Noah Trying to get his hands on the best doughnut ever!

It is not an overstatement to say that Harvest on Mill has the best breakfasts in Chilliwack, no contest. And they have the gigantic and delicious Homer doughnut…need I say more?


Teapot Hill.


Top: The girls Posing for the camera. Photo Credit (bottom):

Teapot was one of the easier hikes, and was a favourite of the girls.  Why?  Cuz of all the teapots hidden everywhere in plain site!


Decades Coffee Club.  


Decades Coffee Club. Photo Credit: Kelly Corbett Photography

Many a coffee has been consumed at Decades, with friends and family. Best coffee joint in Chilliwack. Yes better than Starbucks and Tim Horton’s…they are not even close. Perhaps it was all the tears and prayers in that one seat under the stairs that makes this place so special to me…or it could be the cheesecake…


Vedder River Rotary Trail.


Vedder River Rotary Trail. Photo Credit:

Many  a walk was spent on this trail, and many a deep discussion as well.  Besides all the beautiful scenery to take in and the exercise to be had, it was on this trail that a friend professed faith in Christ for the first time.


Old Yale Brewing


Old Yale’s Sasquatch Stout won the prestigious Canadian Beer of the Year award, but their Off Trail Pale Ale is one of my favourite Friday night brews.


Cultus Lake.


Noah’s first dip in Cultus lake.

Main beach, Maple Bay, Entrance bay…wherever we ended up, our family spent many lazy summer Saturday’s at the lake.  Having a lake 20 minutes from home was really nice.


The Yellow Deli.yellow-deli-coming

Best sandwiches in Chilliwack. Bar none. Eco friendly eats, rustic decor, guys with beards and pony tails.  What else could you ask for?


Cultus Lake Water Park.

cultus-lake-waterslidesWhat better way to cool off in the summer than Cultus Lake Water Park? I preferred going during the week, when it was less busy.


Ruth and Naomi’s Mission.

Ruth and Naomi's Mission Chilliwack.JPGI left part of my heart here. There were many tears, prayers, laughs, smiles, and meals. I made friends and spoke of the salvation to be found in Jesus.  If you have time, please consider volunteering here.


Great Blue Heron Reserve


Probably the best place to view wildlife in Chilliwack, without having to trek into the wilderness.  Just bring mosquito repellent if you are going at dawn or dusk – which are also the best times to view said wildlife.


The Bookman.


Nietzsche the Cat at the Bookman.

Reading is very important to me, as is saving money, which makes the Bookman my all-time favourite used book store.  In an electronic age where bookstores are becoming a thing of the past, it was a Smith family tradition to head to the Bookman for an hour on Saturday mornings. Meagan would pet Nietzsche the Cat (the local mascot) and flip through Pinkalicious books, Kaitlyn would absorb herself in the vast array of used tween books, and I would peruse the Christian, history, and fantasy sections.  Please continue to support this great store!


Tap In’s Putting Course.

tap ins.PNG

This is not just the average mini-put course, this is the best putting course ever. 18 holes of real turf.  A great spot for a date night, or just to hang out with the guys.


Bob and Coby’s Toys and Collectibles.


The best place in Chilliwack to find your collectibles.  From Lego to Star Wars to GIJoe, stamps, coins, hockey cards, you name it you can probably find it here, and if not, just ask!  Bob probably knows someone who has what you are looking for.


The Chilliwack Canadian Reformed Church. 


I must add a disclaimer…I love the congregation we are a part of here in Surrey, certainly they are a wonderful group of believers!  But I still miss the body of believers I was a part of in Chilliwack. A vibrant group of sinners redeemed by grace. It was here that I grew in faith and was fed for almost 10 years. If you are looking for a place to worship, please consider checking them out next time you are in Chilliwack!

So there is my list of 15 things that I consider the “Best of Chilliwack!” What would you add?





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