My Cancer Journey. Part 3: Pathology Report

Day 11 Saturday

3 days post surgery. Today I awoke with an appetite and a tiny bit of energy, so I made omelettes. I had two bites and couldn’t eat it. A side effect of the recovery is a lack of an appetite.   I spent the day at home, blogging, responding to messages and just resting.

Teresa took Kaitlyn out during Noah’s nap, and Meagan went out and played with friends.  I was dozing in and out on the couch, when Phil stopped by with a pie.  We chatted for a couple minutes and he left. I appreciated that very much, it was nice to be awoken with pie!

By Bedtime I was zonked, even though I didn’t really do anything today.

Day 12 Sunday

4 days post surgery. We went to church in the morning.  I was in quite a bit of discomfort, as the pews are not designed for surgery recovery (or for comfort.) After the service a number of people wanted to talk, it was nice to spend some time with the church family.  My coworker, Mike, even showed up.  It was good to see him there.  Hopefully he comes again and again!

We stayed home in the afternoon, I was spent.

I rested and took it easy.

Day 13 Monday – Labour day.

I awoke with the ability to get out bed on my own without grunting! We went to Denny’s for brunch, it was nice to spend the last of summer break with the family.  Today I was able to walk a fair bit, but was very tired all day.

Day 14 Tuesday


The kids are ready for school!

First Day of School.  I took the girls to school and enjoyed a pancake breakfast at the school, but I had to leave early to get a CT Scan of my chest. Funny how a 3 minute CT scan takes 2 hours…

ct scan.PNG

Me waiting for my CT scan…waiting and waiting…

Kevin came over around 1130 with coffee and we chatted for quite a while. Then he read from 2 Corinthains 1:3-11, about our God of Comfort.  It was a nice visit. Afterward I took a short nap and then walked down to the bus stop and waited for the girls to get home.

At bedtime, Meagan was freaking out about a crane fly that was in her room.  I ended up hurting myself while catching it…stupid.  Set myself back a day, but at least Daddy is still the big dragon slaying protector in her eyes, right?

I took some pain meds and went to bed shaking my head at myself.

Day 15 Wednesday – One Week post surgery.

After walking the kids to the bus stop, I just rested on the couch all day.  No visitors came over, so I took it easy to recover from my dragon slaying misadventure the night before.   I tidy’d up the house a bit but for the most part just took it easy.

Day 16 Thursday – 

We missed the school bus today.  The girls just didn’t want to move!  So I drove them and chased the bus for 10 minutes. After catching up to the bus, I went for blood work where I waited for an hour, and filled a prescription where I waited for another hour… I felt good to day.  I cleaned up the kitchen, and the bathroom.

Juhno came over around 1 today and we spent a good amount of time chatting, then we read Romans 8.  It was nice.  After he left, my neighbour invited me over, and we had a good chat (and some pizza).

Tomorrow we get the pathology report from our oncologist.  There is a little bit of trepidation, as we wait to find out the unknown…

Day 17 Friday Pathology Day

After dropping the girls off at the bus stop, I went back to bed.  Teresa took the day off to join me at the oncologist appointment and the Chemo Therapy lesson. We went to our appointment to learn the pathology report from the testicle…

and yet again…we waited…

…and when the Dr. came in she said, “So, Good news…you have Seminoma.”

Normally “you have *this* cancer” would not be a good to hear, but when you are expecting to hear something worse…I think I actually smiled.  To be clear, cancer is not “good”, but the pathology report could not have come back any better. It likely means I “only” have to endure 3 cycles of chemo, and probably have no further surgery. But we’ll see what happens in the next 6 months or so.

The prognosis is good…but God is more gooder.  As I have said before, my faith is in God, not the odds.


At the chemo teach.

After the appointment we had a chemo teach, where we learned all about the side effects and what to expect during chemo. It was informative.  I really am not looking forward to Chemo.

Really not.

So there it is.

I am still recovering from surgery, and I start Chemo on Monday. A friend told me that the greatest lesson the Lord taught him during his battle with cancer was patience.  I pray that the Lord would grant me patience.  It is something I am lacking.  

Patience with my kids.  (Especially when we are getting ready in the morning)

Patience with my wife.

Patience with plans.

Patience with recovery…

Cancer has been called the “hurry up and wait” disease. I have noticed this is true. I have done a lot of waiting.  While in recovery, a mere week post surgery, I find myself going a little bit stir crazy.  I can’t really go out and do anything, yet how many screens and books can I look at in one day? So I pray that the Lord would grant me patience in all aspects of life.  Not a resigned acceptance of the inevitable, but a positive endurance in prosperity and affliction in the strength that he provides. 

Anyway, this evening, Teresa and I are going out to downtown Vancouver for date night.  I fully expect to eat some red meat and enjoy a frosty mug of some kind of ale to the glory of God!

I appreciate all of the cards and messages I have received.  Love you all!

God is Good.  Jesus Saves, find your hope in him.



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